What can SMS FOMO Teach You About Marketing?

With most smartphones either glued to people’s hands or within constant reach, marketers are looking at ways to add SMS into multichannel marketing campaigns.

SMS campaigns have rapidly gained acceptance as offering an immediate and personal connection with audiences. People cannot resist looking at their phone once an alert is delivered and this Fear of Missing Out has created opportunities for smart brands with something valuable to offer.

As a communications channel, SMS works perfectly with email to notify audiences that urgent action is needed if they don’t want to miss out.

Our smart phone addiction

We use smartphones A LOT. Knowing this, and knowing how we use them and what is now acceptable makes SMS an attractive tactic for any cross-channel marketing campaign.A report by Cisco found Australians checked their phones for messages and updates at least once every 30 minutes, and experienced anxiety when the phone was missing or running out of battery.Deloitte’s survey found one in three UK adults check their phones in the middle of the night and one in 10 admitting they reach for their phone as soon as they wake up.Research firm dscout found average users spent 145 minutes on their phones and engaged in 76 phone sessions per day.Apple recently confirmed that iPhone users globally unlock their phones 80 times every day. That’s about 6 to 7 times every hour.

Can SMS drive business?

While marketers have tread carefully around using SMS marketing for fear of being too intrusive, the pendulum has now swung the other way. SMS marketing campaigns have gained traction due their sheer convenience to customers. People have changed. FOMO has made people more engaged in what is available and they want to know what’s on offer and when.91% of mobile phone users who opt in to receive SMS messages from brands view the messages as usefulMore than 70% said SMS improves their experience with a brand64% of global users want brands to use SMS to communicate with them more often


How to build a multichannel SMS campaign

No matter what style of offer you plan, some basic ‘best practise’ principles will apply.

Check whether your existing marketing platform offers SMS marketing as part of a unified communications suite. Many cross-channel marketing platforms already allow powerful ways to connect with audiences using email, competitions, landing pages, surveys, and SMS. If not, you’ll need to investigate a standalone SMS campaign platform.

Email and SMS marketing work perfect in tandem. The email campaign can be used to set up the bulk of the details and add some rich media to further excite and entice your audience. Think of email as the warm up act.

SMS comes in after your email has set the scene and offers an added urgency for quick responses.

Be sure to give the campaign a deadline and that your campaign ramps towards that deadline with a real reason to respond now.

  • Sending an email to announce your offer or event.
  • If no response by a certain time, trigger a follow up email with added reasons to excite audiences. This could be testimonials, telling them about high response rates to the initial email, or that time is running out to claim the offer.
  • A final SMS to prompt urgent action.


SMS is now a critical component of smart cross channel marketing campaigns. Those marketers quick to embrace it with valuable offers will establish their brands as being relevant in the lives of customers.

TractionNext offers SMS as part of a unified communications suite for multichannel marketing campaigns. You can have full visibility and analytics across campaigns using SMS, email, promotions, competitions, survey, polls and more all from a single dashboard.

Contact a marketing consultant at TractionNext today about booking a demo.

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