Tourism Western Australia streamlines personalised content

by | Oct 18, 2013

Tourism WA is the State Government agency responsible for promoting Western Australia as an extraordinary holiday destination. Its focus is on marketing the State; developing, attracting and promoting major sporting, cultural and business events; and developing significant tourism infrastructure and projects.

The website is a resource for the tourism industry and its stakeholders. Consumers wanting to research and plan their extraordinary Western Australian experience should visit the official home of travel and tourism for Western Australia.


TWA previous email reports were restrictive and time consuming: it normally comprised of sending 6 individual emails based on a customer’s region: 4 International markets and inter and intra Australian states. These separate sends also required separate URL adapts ensuring the customers were lead to the correct web page based on their region.

Apart from the fact each send had to be broken out by 6 sends, TWA were not tapping into customers preferences on the 4 interest areas they had to offer:



  • The plan for The Westerly eDM FY12/13 included the following requirements:
  • Creation of Dynamic eDM Template
  • Database & Content Targeting
  • Profiling Exercise
  • Trigger Emails
  • Welcome Profiling trigger emails for light sign up
  • Landing page for newsletter sign up

Our deliverables included a dynamic content EDM, database & content targeting, landing pages, and preference centre.

Dynamic EDM Template

Host (TWA’s creative agency) and TWA had identified the need to create a dynamic eDM template in order to streamline the current processes and for content targeting based on subscriber interests. Host initially created a master HTML template and provided this to Traction who built in the personalised content targeting.

The Dynamic eDM followed the below content structure:

Destinations: 4 x Destinations
Destinations would suit the four content buckets – Adventure, City Culture, Family & Relaxation
Subscribers would receive varying content buckets based on their subscriber preferences
If subscribers have no recorded preferences, they would receive all content buckets

Events: 2 x Events

1 x Deal per month (for AU subscribers only)

The links would also be dynamically generated so that the correct regional URLs would utilise for each link by detecting the Country of the subscriber. This is instead of having to create 6 x individual eDM builds

RETAINER WORK: On a monthly basis Host would supply Traction with Master HTML for implementation and to set up targeting.

Database & content targeting

Data & content targeting was set up for the Destination section of the dynamic eDM in order to provide more relevant newsletter content based on subscriber’s interests.

Previously the data was split into regions – Intrastate (within WA), Interstate (Australia minus WA), Singapore/Malaysia, US, UK and Control (subscribers with no country information) with no content targeting based on interest. Because we were able to dynamically generate the content and links, this means that the data no longer needs to be segmented in the same way.

TWA would send out to one single database and would target to the different groups based on interest and region variables.

The database and content targeting would require the following deliverables:

  • Host to create brief for Traction to implement
  • Traction to set up targets based on brief

Landing pages and preference centre

The task was to build the following HTML landing pages for the TWA eDM program to support the dynamic eDM that was being built.

Thanks for Registering landing page
Subscribers would be taken to this landing page after clicking on the ‘Send me More’ button from the eDM ‘The Westerly’

When the subscriber clicks on the send me more button, their action would be recorded in the Traction database and will affect what content the subscriber will receive as per the dynamic if and else rules.

Links on the landing page

  • Link to Update Preferences landing page
  • The landing page was built responsively, so that it’s viewable and functional on mobile devices.

Update Preferences landing page

  • From the TWA eDM, if a user clicks on Update Preferences link, they would be taken to a landing page.
  • Subscribers would be able to select from multiple options to specify their interest in the content buckets:
    • Natural explorer = Adventure
    • Urban Grazer = City Culture
    • Relax & Recharge = Relaxation
    • Family Times = Family
  • For each content bucket the subscriber collects, this would be recorded in the TWA database for that subscriber and will affect what content the subscriber will receive as per the dynamic if and else rules.

Thank you page

  • When the subscriber clicks the Update Preferences button, a confirmation message would pop up saying ‘Thanks for registering’.