Services that drive bottom line customer value

From end-to-end campaign management to custom building your promotions and competitions. From strategy to creative design. From customer acquisition to customer retention.  Our services team can turn platform features into marketing value.

Campaign Management

Do all your subscribers actually receive your emails? Are you targeting your content? Have you tested your campaigns across all channels and devices? We can help take care of all the finicky technical elements unique to your email and SMS campaigns to ensure your engagement channels are equipped to succeed. We ensure your templates are set up to streamline content targeting. Then we continually monitor and optimize your campaign performance to ensure it reaches your customers.

Creative Design

Our specialist group of designers and HTML developers can design and build your emails and microsites to ensure optimum responsiveness across all channels and devices, while staying true to your brand.


For your ECRM to be successful, you need to redefine your campaigns as conversations. Beyond just email and SMS, we go further by providing custom and off-the-shelf promotions, competitions, polls, quizzes and surveys that grow and nurture your subscriber base while driving sales. Knowing a little more about your customers will fuel relevant and useful email and mobile communications that drive win-win value. We devise a data strategy and help you cleverly integrate and deploy data that’s useful and usable.

Business Reviews

We have skilled marketing technologists who can review your marketing strategies and tactics, find value in your marketing database, and bring that value to life. Our team has both the smarts and the specialist technical expertise to target and contextualise your marketing, so that it delivers bottom line value.

Promotion Services

Promotion Services

Have the freedom to run a truly awesome promotional campaign without having to worry about budget overruns. We offer Fixed Free Promotion packages, where we take care of everything for you, from campaign ideation to promotion build to prize fulfilment for a fixed fee.

Gift Card Sourcing

Unsure of what prizes to give away? We can source digital or physical gift cards and pre-paid Mastercards for your promotional campaign. We will also take care of the fulfilment to ensure that winners will receive their prizes on time, while giving you a regularly scheduled report so you can track its progress.

Mobile App Development

Create Mobile Apps that are integrated into TractionNext for an omni-channel digital experience. Send out push notifications when your customers fulfil a certain behavior or meet a certain loyalty status. Use our Competitions module to drive customer engagement in your App. Integrate beacon technology for geo-location marketing. Use the App to build or deepen your eCRM database. Whatever your requirements, our team will work with you to design and build Mobile Apps that are customized to your needs.

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