Mobile Wallet Marketing

Enhance customer loyalty through engaging and compelling digital content. With Mobile Wallet you can drive in-store visits, increase redemption rates, and incentivise customers.

Create a Mobile Pass in minutes

Our Mobile Pass builder allows you to build and design Mobile Passes in a matter of minutes. Configure them as e-tickets, digital vouchers, coupons or gift cards. The builder enables you to easily design your Mobile Pass by giving you the flexibility to add images and highly personalised content so that it is both beautiful and useful to your customers. You can also save them as templates to be re-used for future campaigns.

Geolocation Marketing

Set up location triggers so that a trigger alert is sent to your Mobile Pass recipients when they are near the vicinity to drive retail footfall. Or incorporate beacon technology within a location for an even higher degree of geolocation targeting. For example, set up a beacon within a specific area of your store to enhance your product activations.

Updating Mobile Passes

The great thing about Mobile Passes is that they don’t expire unless you wish them too. You can simply update the Mobile Passes anytime you wish with new offers or notifications, either manually, via an API or via a fixed schedule of your choosing.

Easy Distribution

TractionNext’s multi-channel capabilities mean that you can easily distribute Mobile Passes via email, SMS or Forms.


With our reporting suite, you can measure the ROI of your Mobile Wallet Marketing campaign.

You can track the people who have downloaded or installed your Mobile Passes.

Mobile Wallet

How does it work?

A Mobile wallet is an app used on mobile devices to store credit and debit card information, coupons or rewards information.  Instead of using physical plastic cards to make purchases or paper coupons for discounts and promotions, a mobile wallet allows customers to pay with their smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch in stores, in apps, or on the web.

Mobile wallet apps are native to smartphones and come preinstalled on both iOS and Android devices.

How can a mobile wallet help brands?

With mobile wallet marketing, brands can enhance their existing loyalty programs by engaging customers with personalised, relevant and timely content like offers, coupons and tickets.

  • Increase conversion rates and customer spend
  • Drive in-store visits
  • Make your loyalty program accessible anytime, anywhere
  • Increase redemption by localising content
  • Incentives customers beyond apps and text messages
  • Simplify the loyalty program enrolment process
  • Understand the impact of your program

Mobile wallet marketing is a powerful tool for organisations and institutions looking to enhance customer loyalty. Industries from FMCG to Retail, Financial Services to Utilities, Government to Hospitality, can benefit from mobile wallets.

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