Data Collection Statement


Australian privacy laws have recently changed. As a result of the changes, we are notifying you about the collection of your Personal Information. We also have a new Privacy Policy, which we invite you to read at this link.


Here are our contact details:

Ovato Technology Pty Ltd (ACN 092 342 375)

Level 1, 100 Harris Street
Pyrmont NSW 2009
Phone: +61 2 9412 6160


3.1 Collection

  1. We collect Personal Information about you:
    • primarily when one of our customers discloses the information to us in the course of our performing our obligations as a digital marketing service provider; or
    • directly from you if you provide it to us in the course of completing information fields (eg name, email address, phone number, interaction data) on a website operated or hosted by us or via email tracking and analysis, social media or mobile interaction operated by us.
  2. We hold your Personal Information on internet servers operated by hosting service providers. We have entered into services agreements with those service providers.

3.2 Reasons

  1. We collect only such Personal Information as we need to collect in order to supply our services to our customers. Specifically, we collect Personal Information (as relevant):
    • to enable our customers to lawfully communicate information to you regarding their products and services;
    • to enable our customers to supply their services to you;
    • to enable you to use any goods they may supply;
    • to assist our customers to improve our services;
    • for certain legal reasons (see our Privacy Policy for details); and
    • to otherwise comply with our obligations under law.
  2. If you do not enable or permit us to collect this Personal Information, then our customers will not be able to supply information or services to you or you may not be able to interact with our customers in certain circumstances, such as entering into a trade promotion lottery.


  • 4.1 Generally speaking, we will disclose Personal Information only to sub-contractors supplying us with hosting or data management facilities. We do this so that those parties can provide their services to us, enabling us in turn to supply our services to our customers, and in turn, their services to you.
  • 4.2 We may, and likely will, transfer your Personal Information to a person or organisation in a foreign country.


Our Privacy Policy contains information about how you may access your Personal Information that is held by us and seek to have the information corrected.


  • 6.1 If you wish to complain about our handling of your Personal Information, please contact us our Privacy Co-ordinator using the contact details provided above.
  • 6.2 Our Privacy Policy provides information about how we will deal with a complaint you make about our handling of your Personal Information. The policy provides that if we receive a complaint from you, we will handle the complaint in the following way:
    • We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint.
    • We will conduct an investigation of your complaint.
    • We will notify you of the outcome of our investigation.
    • We will provide you with basic information about further action that you may take if you are dissatisfied with the outcome of our investigation.


  • collect includes to hold or store following collection.
  • disclose may include to transfer.
  • Personal Information is information about an identified individual or an individual who is reasonably identifiable.
  • Privacy Policy means our Ovato Technology privacy policy available to be read at this link.
  • use may include to disclose or transfer.
  • we means Ovato Technology Pty Ltd.
  • you means the individual reading this notice.