Competitions & Promotions

The Competitions module allows users of all skill levels to quickly build and launch a competition into market, creating a lead generating powerhouse for your sales and marketing funnel.  

An affordable and effective way to drive sales,  acquire new customers, engage with your database and obtain new customer preferences.

Why do this with TractionNext?

Everyone loves a great promotion. Sign-up offers, vouchers and special discounts are simple yet effective ways of cultivating a wider audience and exposing your brand to new, potential customers.

At TractionNext, we have all the tools you need to create the ultimate promotion or branded competition. Users of all skill levels can swiftly create and launch their own custom campaign instantly.

Our module provides the opportunity to run thousands of branded promotions to collect millions of data points. We also help you run multiple competitions across platforms like social, SMS and email to maximise sales, reach and entry opportunities.

Self Service Competition Set Up

Brand and agency users can now easily set up a promotions campaign using an intuitive console to quickly create self-service competitions.

End-to-end campaigns

Manage the promotion from end-to-end. Create email and SMS campaigns to market your promotion. Design your business rules to validate your entries and winner. Contact your winners instantly or at the end of the campaign via email, SMS, or Landing Page. Gain insights to your promotion via our Reporting suite. Use our Fulfilment tools to communicate to your Handling Houses and Call Centres.

Multi-channel, multi-platform

Build Web-based or SMS competitions. Or use our Competitions API to integrate the competition to your own applications, including Facebook and Mobile Apps.

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On brand

Design and re-skin the promotion, applying your branding and imagery. Streamline your budget and optimise your resources by cloning past competition mechanics and re-skinning them for a fresh new look and feel.

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Wide integrations

CRM or data stores, TractionNext Competition module has you covered.

Related email and SMS activity will be part of the same workflow. Plus you can integrate to any applications via our API, Zapier or PieSync.

Central hosting and messaging

Get a whole-of-campaign view from a single dashboard. All pages, eDM assets, reporting hosted in one place, all messaging built in.

All data are encrypted and hosted in a GDPR compliant database for maximum data privacy and security.

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Different draws for fresh ideas

Major prize draws are available using Instant Win, Manual Draw and Scheduled Draw options. In addition, a range of competition mechanics, such as Winning Moments and Everybody Wins, ensures that you have the flexibility to custom create your competitions according to your requirements.

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