How to Track Marketing ROI From Email to Website Conversion

The Traction Digital team have been working tirelessly to deliver you the best in next generation marketing, with ongoing technology developments. We are excited about some of the fresh new features on offer that can help you provide better customer experiences and make reporting ROI and planning easier and quicker.

Visual data at a glance

We understand the importance of reliable data and the convenience of having easy to access graphs and charts for campaign results at a glance. With this in mind we have given our reporting function a whole new look with more visual data and charts.

There is also an option to activate analytics tracking when creating campaigns to then be able to track through Google analytics, Litmus or the TractionNext ROI tracking report to monitor conversions on your website.

New ROI tracking report

The ROI tracking report lets you track the financial returns of your marketing campaigns from the first interaction within your email campaign, through to website conversion. To be able to access the ROI report you must first activate ROI tracking within your campaign set up.

Examples of how to track marketing ROI

Ticket sales:  You are selling tickets to a sporting event and want to measure the success of your email campaign advertising the sale. You configure ROI tracking in your campaign(s), and add the ROI tracking script to the “purchase complete” page of your online store. The tracking script returns the Javascript API value of each sale to TractionNext, along with the contact ID of the purchaser. You are then able to see how many tickets were sold, relating directly to your email marketing campaign.

Website sign ups: You are running a campaign to attract new signups to your website. You configure ROI tracking in your campaign(s) and add the ROI tracking script to the sign up thank you page. The sign up thank you page calls the ROI tracking script, providing the username of each new user to the ROI tracking script. You are then able to see the number of new users who have signed up as a result of the email marketing campaign. You are also able to export a list which matches each new username to the existing contact record.

Promotion sign ups: You are running a promotional campaign and want to measure how many people sign up through email compared to other platforms you sent it out on, such as social media or direct mail. You configure ROI tracking in your campaign(s) and add the ROI tracking script to the sign up page. When the customer clicks through to the sign up page their details are pre-filled. When submitted, the sign up page calls the ROI tracking script, providing the username of each entrant to the ROI tracking script. You are then able to see the number of entries you have received as a result of the email marketing campaign.

New Help Guideline

In order to make your marketing life easier we have given the TractionNext online Help Guideline a full update, giving you the convenience of expert advice at a simple click.

The Help Guideline has been written in a way to simplify complexity, with real world examples to give better context. We want to help you get the best from your technology, with improved menu navigation, a handy Definitions section with common marketing terms and Popular Topics for quick look up.

Something you can’t find in the Help Guide? Our account management team is available and support are online 24/7.

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