Toohey’s Extra Dry “Bank it or Blow it” promotion spurs 95,000 sales


Toohey’s Extra Dry is one of Australia’s most popular beer brands, owned by Lion, a leading beverage and food company with a portfolio of market leading brands in Australia and New Zealand.
Lion have been using Traction since 2008 for their digital communications with many beer and wine consumers.


Traction received notification from Lion that they were going to run a competition for Toohey’s Extra Dry and that the promotion would be running for approximately three months over the Christmas and New Year periods. This was to be a high prole competition – with the purpose of strengthening the Toohey’s brand awareness across Australia. The competition included a big above the line advertising effort so it was extremely important that Traction could deliver on the functional specifications of the competition. The competition involved accepting multi-channel entries – by both SMS and web-form with instant acknowledgement messages being returned to the consumer by the channel through which they entered – by SMS for SMS entries and by
email for web-form entries.

To further engage consumers, hourly draws were to be scheduled for eight hours per day every day over the holiday period and consumers instantly notified if they won. Then all valid entries, minus the hourly winning entry, were to be entered into a final pool to be in the draw to win the major prize – the chance to Bank it or Blow it.

The main goals included:

  • Strengthen brand awareness across Australia
  • Increase sales of Toohey’s Extra Dry during the holiday season
  • Capture consumer data in one central repository
  • Increase the number of consumers on the Lion database
  • Communicate further with consumers after the competition via email


Traction Digital has been working since 2008 as Lion’s solution expert and central repository for digital communications. With a registered competitions engine and extensive experience in implementing competition mechanics, Traction Digital was the obvious choice to assist Lion. Also, with development teams based locally, Traction Digital was able to provide the custom development work required to fulfill some of the more complicated aspects of the business logic requirements.


Traction Digital worked with Lion and their other promotions partners to scope the requirements of the competition. Then working closely with all partners, the Traction Digital team built custom competition mechanics to match Lion’s needs. In this case, entrants needed to purchase a case of beer to obtain a unique code to enter, which means that every entry guarantees a sale.  Traction sent consumers an instant notification of their entry by the channel through which they entered. Traction delivered instant draw functionality and performed eight automatic draws per day over the Christmas and New Year period resulting in winners automatically being notified of their good fortune.

At the end of the competition all entries, minus the hourly winning entry, were added to a grand prize draw and the final winner was drawn – he then got to choose whether he would “bank it or blow it” – bank 100k to spend in a year OR blow 70k over a week. The winner was a very happy man indeed!


The Toohey’s Bank it or Blow it competition exceeded everyone’s expectations – with consumers engaging with the brand and buying mountains of beer!! A staggering 95,000 entries were received into Traction across Australia. Web form entries were around 60,000 and SMS received 35,000 – proving that both channels were extremely viable. 79,000 unique entries were received and the Lion database grew by almost 50,000 subscribers. Lion are now designing their next Toohey’s competition and have a very full and engaged database to promote this to.

“Working with Traction Digital has allowed us to create innovative competitions generating strong brand awareness, without us having to worry about the workings of the competition mechanics and regulations. More importantly, it has ensured that all competition data is retained so that we can continue the conversation after the activity has finished. The team at Traction Digital always provide us with thoughtful, helpful information and advice and respond quickly and proactively to our communications. We know our business is being looked after with them.”

Hayden Bell – Assistant Brand Manager – Tooheys

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