Tips to enhance your database

by | Jul 27, 2021

Like the hammer of Mjolnir to Thor, or the Lasso of Truth to Wonder Woman, customer data is a marketer’s most valuable tool

But like all great assets, it needs upkeep. After all, leading marketers are 72 per cent more likely than the mainstream to invest in quality and/or volume improvements to the first-party data they capture.

But what if you’re strapped for time and you’re also looking for a quick and easy way to build upon your data without having to spend a fortune? Here’s a selection of tactics and tips you can deploy immediately that will instantly benefit your customer database.

Email Marketing

When a customer makes their first online purchase with a brand, one of first things they do is provide their email address. This provides marketers with a channel to communicate their brand directly to each and every customer, keeping them informed of upcoming sales, discounts, special offers and other relevant news.

While you may want to send through all your marketing content to each customer, you need to remember that today’s shopper is discerning. They don’t want to comb through an inbox of irrelevant generic messages t. If you can’t provide them with the content they want, they’ll simply take their business elsewhere.

By running your email campaigns through a comprehensive eCRM system, you’ll be able to collect valuable analytics like open rates, click-through rates, what links they’ve clicked on and more. You’ll be able to view if they’ve made any purchases based on one of your emails, and from there, create a custom experience just for them.

Depending on their analytics, you may look at creating unique offers based on their purchase history – if a customer has bought a meat smoker from you recently, you can target them with relevant coupons for wood chips, seasonings and other products they’re likely to buy.

Loyalty Programs

You’d be hard pressed to find someone who has the self-control to resist the charm and allure of a loyalty program. If they’re going out of their way to spend their money on your products and services, the least you could do is recognise this allegiance.

Unlike flimsy cards that get easily lost or misplaced, mobile wallet technology transforms these redundant pieces of plastic into digital files stored safely on your phone. Customers don’t need to worry about losing their card, but more importantly, a digital loyalty program hosted on mobile wallets allows you to tap into the heart of each shopper’s habits.

By hosting your loyalty card in mobile wallets, you can gather insights on each customer’s purchase patterns, as well as other data points that are invaluable in further refining your CX. Let’s say a customer only makes purchases with your brand in-store – you can use this information to create a special offer they can only redeem at one of your locations. Send them a push notification alerting them of a deal that they’ll find to hard to turn down.

Customer Surveys

You may think that asking your customers what they want from you is taking the easy way out, instead of conducting extensive research. But if anything, going out of your way to ask customers how you can improve is what they want, as over three-quarters of consumers view brands in a more favourable light if they go out of their way to ask for feedback and apply it.

Before you send out your survey, it’s important you take the time to think about the type of data you’re looking to collect, as this will help you shape your survey. If you’re after stats like whether they’re part of your digital loyalty program, or if they’ve redeemed vouchers, it’d be best to set up your questionnaire as a simple ‘yes or no’ survey.

However, if you really want to get the heart of each shopper’s habits and preferences, it’s best to create a survey with open-ended questions.

Do you believe you should be rewarded with more loyalty points for each dollar spent? Are the offers and discounts you’re receiving relevant to your interests? How do you usually complete your purchases with us (online, over the phone or in-store?)

By posing these types of questions to customers, it enables them to provide details as to what they’re looking to get out of their journey with you, and arms you with the data you need to provide exactly what they’re after.

Businesses with data-driven strategies receive five to eight times as much ROI as businesses without. Your customer data is vital to your success, but it only works if you take the time to upkeep and maintain your database. By leveraging emails, mobile wallets and customer surveys, you can get to the core of each customer and create the perfect CX journey they’ve been looking for.

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