Tips For Boosting Customer Engagement

by | Jun 28, 2021

Your customers are hear for a good time – or at the very least, an easy one. Nearly three-quarters of consumers say they’ll keep shopping with a brand based on experience alone., Customer Experience (CX) is the difference between your customers staying loyal to your brand and taking their business elsewhere.

Creating a memorable experience that keeps customers wanting more isn’t just about having the hottest new product or being the flavour of the month. It’s about constantly showing your audience your value. And with a more engaged audience, the more money you’ll see coming back into your business.

Here’s four simple ways you can boost customer engagement today.


You’ll be hard pressed to find someone impervious to the allure and charms of a good ol’ giveaway competition. They’re one of the most effective tools in a marketer’s arsenal – not only does it encourage people to interact with your brand, but it opens you up to a whole new audience.

It’s important that your competition offers your audience a prize they want to win. Be sure to leverage your customer data to create enticing prices shoppers will love. After all, if most of your audience lives in rural areas, they’re less likely to want to win something like a Jet Ski.

A User-Generated Content (UGC) competition is a fantastic way to get shoppers engaged with your brand, as it creates a slew of content that you can leverage on your social channels for months to come. When your audience sees their comment or creation shared via your official channels, they’ll become more aligned with your brand.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to comply with local laws around competitions, so be sure to use solutions that can help you manage the competition while remaining compliant.

Loyalty Programs

Customers don’t want to feel like just another number. They want to feel special. After all, they’ve spent their hard-earned money with you – the least you can do is recognise their allegiance.

By creating a digital loyalty program, you can reward your most loyal customers s in a format that’s convenient. Many brands incorporate vouchers, coupons and free merch as incentives for customers to sign up to their loyalty program.

Because the loyalty card is stored within their mobile wallet, users can check things like their card balance and how many points they’ve earned any time they want, giving the power back to the consumer. However, it’s important to not put any time-sensitive restrictions on your points system, as shoppers tend to abandon purchases upon realising their loyalty points have expired.

As well as rewarding your customers, loyalty programs allow you to gather insights on their purchase patterns, data points that are invaluable in further refining your CX. For instance, if you notice that customers, on average, buy your toilet paper boxes every three months, but your subscription service only has an option to send it out every two months, you can adjust it before they cancel the subscription entirely because they are running out of cupboard space.

Push Notifications

Let’s say you’ve noticed a significant segment of your audience base who haven’t used your loyalty card, or logged into your branded app, for quite some time. Sure, you could send them an email reminding them about unused loyalty points, but push notifications are more effective for timely or urgent messaging.

One of the best features of mobile wallet-based loyalty programs is the ability to send push notifications to members. Your brand lives on their smartphone, allowing you to cut through the noise and send messages straight to their lock-screen.

These messages could be based on their purchase history, notifying them of a limited time offer that may interest them, or it could be a simple reminder that they are still yet to use their loyalty points.

Considering push notifications can increase app engagement up to 88 per cent, while 65 per cent of the users return to an app within the first 30 days after the push is enabled, now’s the time to incorporate them into your marketing strategies


To put it simply, geo-targeting is when you deliver marketing content or ads to your audience based on their physical location. Thankfully, technology has gotten us to the point where we don’t need dozens of sign spinners working their magic to get your message across.

Geo-based push notifications are a powerful way to drive foot traffic to your stores. When customers are nearby, they’ll receive a location-based notification that alerts them of a special offer only available in-store, or it could be a friendly reminder of their unused loyalty points.

Given that conditions are constantly evolving, geo-targeting is also an effective way to alert customers of updated hours or in-store practices. This could be a reminder that customers need to mask up upon entry, or if you’ve had to shut your doors, you can remind customers that your online store is still available to meet their needs.

As competition between brands increases, you can’t afford to rely solely on your product offerings to cultivate an engaged following. By incorporating competitions, loyalty programs, push notifications and geo-targeting into your marketing strategies, you’ll solidify a core audience that will be by your side for many years to come.

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