The Cadbury Creme Egg promotion that connected TV to digital

Cadbury was looking to announce and hype the return of the Cadbury Creme Egg with an innovative promotion. The goal was to create positive word of mouth, raise brand awareness and ultimately drive sales growth with a campaign that provided consumers with an entertaining experience that encouraged deeper engagement and involvement with the Cadbury brand.

Digital, and in particular mobile, was identified as the key medium with which to reach the 16-24 year old target market. Cadbury wanted to encourage user subscriptions and facilitate data capture by integrating multiple consumer touch points and driving traffic to digital channels.


As Cadbury’s integrated multi-channel digital marketing platform, the Traction platformprovided the Cadbury Creme Egg brand team with a central interface from which to manage all email, web and mobile communications as well as campaign data collection and storage. Traction was also integrated with Cadbury’s web analytics platform to ensure a seamless transition between aggregate and personal level campaign insights.

The campaign began with seeded communications that positioned the Cadbury Creme Egg as a fun and anarchic brand that consumers could play with. Traction integration allowed Cadbury to understand how consumers responded to its messages by tracking every customer interaction including those made on social networking sites.

Traction was fully integrated with this site, managing:

  • Registration
  • Competition Entry
  • Send-to-Friend (game)
  • Web-to-WAP (game)
  • Confirmation emails
  • Email updates

Traction powered all email communications for the campaign, allowing for personalised conversations with Cadbury Creme Egg lovers at regular and timely stages of the 3-month long campaign.

With the campaign seeking to actively engage across multiple channels, mobile was a primary focus. A WAP mobile site was developed with Traction managing:

  • Inbound and outbound
  • SMS Registration from mobile
  • WAP push

The Cadbury Creme Egg promotion was able to successfully convert above-the-line activities into digital traffic. Clear calls to action on TVCs, print and outdoor advertising encouraged consumers to respond via digital channels where Traction tracked all their interactions. Traction also handled an enormously successful direct response TVC execution and the high traffic volumes it generated.


The campaign response was a phenomenal success for Cadbury. Email open and click through rates almost doubled target levels, the viral and social networking videos achieved over 20 million views and new database subscriptions exceeded 100,000 users.

Integrating Traction across the whole campaign allowed Cadbury to gather unique consumer insights. Cadbury was able to identify the demographics of the Cadbury Creme Egg brand’s true core audience, their responsiveness to communications, what time of the day and week they were more likely to engage and even the type of handsets they were likely to own. For Cadbury, this campaign proved that the drive to digital was possible and effective with Direct Response TV. Traction’s real time reporting provided Cadbury with a unique way to measure consumer responsiveness to the campaign TVCs and provided the Cadbury marketing team with key learnings around digital integration to apply in future promotions.

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