SMS for greater reach with your customers

SMS for greater reach with your customers

With more businesses using email marketing, paid social media and other search engine marketing for promotion, it’s getting harder to stand out among all the noise. One way that successful businesses are standing out is by taking advantage of business SMS messaging.

The open rate for SMS of 98% beats email, with an industry average of 22%. Successful SMS campaigns elicit eight times the response rate of email, and a 23% conversion rate.

Businesses can invite customers to sales events, special VIP nights or to participate in loyalty programs. SMS can be part of your omni-channel strategy with emails followed up by an SMS reminder, or an SMS message with links to further information.

There are many ways you can use SMS to improve business efficiency, make life easier for your customers, and potentially reach a new audience.

Marketing campaigns

SMS provides another touchpoint within your cross-channel campaigns marketing to create a seamless customer journey. Start a conversation, launch new products, or drive traffic to your store or website.

You can easily pair SMS messaging with email marketing. By sending out both email and SMS campaigns you can see how people engage with different communication channels. Over time you will build a clearer picture of how members of your database prefer to be contacted.

In 2004, Amazon revolutionised ecommerce by becoming one of the first brands to offer product suggestions based on an individual customer search history and previous purchases. Even today, the company still leverages its data by sending out personalised email campaigns that tie in with events like Christmas and Mother’s Day.

Important information

With so much email spam arriving daily, it’s easy to miss important emails in your inbox. The same isn’t true with SMS. Your phone is your unique identifier so, while you may receive the occasional unsolicited SMS, for the most part you only receive messages specifically meant for you.

With 90% of messages read within 90 seconds, businesses are seeing SMS as a core channel to provide measurable marketing campaigns and drive business outcomes. Contact us here to get started.

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