Services That Drive Bottom Line Customer Value

From end-to-end campaign management to custom building your promotions and competitions. From strategy to creative design. From customer acquisition to customer retention.  Our services team can turn platform features into marketing value.

Consumer Engagement Services

What is customer-centric marketing?

For 1 to 1 marketing to be successful, you need to maintain a quality database that replenishes the customers who churn. Beyond a sign up form, we go further by providing custom and off-the-shelf promotions and competitions that grow your subscriber base as they drive sales. Then we use customer data to maximise bottom line value from each new subscriber.

Acquiring & Deploying Customer Data

Knowing a little more about your customers will fuel relevant and useful email and mobile communications that drive win-win value. We devise a data strategy and help you cleverly integrate and deploy data that’s useful and usable. Our in-house platform also has polls, quizzes and surveys built in to easily acquire more customer data – and our approach has resulted in response rates that exceed 50%.

Strategic Execution

Many marketers already have some opted-in customers and basic data. What they need are skilled marketing technologists who can find value in that data, and bring that value to life. Our team has both the smarts and the specialist technical expertise to target and contextualise your marketing, so that it delivers bottom line value, whether it be via email, sms, competitions or mobile wallets.

Design, Deliverability & Dynamic Content

Do all your subscribers actually receive your emails? Are you targeting your content? Are your emails and microsites easy to read on mobiles? We can help take care of all the finicky technical elements unique to your email, SMS and promotional campaigns to ensure your engagement channels are equipped to succeed. Then we make each asset beautifully branded.

Customer Lifecycle Management

What is customer-centric marketing?

To truly derive and deliver value from your 1 to 1 marketing, you need to understand your customer. That’s why we offer more than most marketing automation providers – we help you strategically collect and deploy dataacquire quality subscribers, and discover how to engage customers in the long term with advanced segmentation.

Redefining campaigns as conversations

Marketing automation now allows brands to engage customers 1 to 1 – at scale. However, most organisations still lack the internal capabilities needed put their intentions into practice. TractionNext arms you with the expert team, tools and tactics you need, on an as-needed basis.

There at every step of your customer lifecycle

With 1 to 1 marketing, your customers are in control of whether they hear from you. Your digital campaigns therefore need to be welcomed. We strategise and implement for each step of your customer lifecycle, so that your customers value each customer touchpoint as much as you do.

Technical best practice execution

We offer end-to-end management of your campaigns, whether they be email, mobile or promotions. We make sure your templates are set up to streamline content targeting. Then we continually monitor and optimize your campaign performance to ensure it reaches your customers.

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