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LexisNexis unites web technologies and premium information outlets to give users access to billions of searchable documents and records from more than 45,000 sources. They also apply analytics to help their users see patterns, connect ideas and find answers that make their jobs easier. Their risk solutions help professionals verify identity, prevent fraud, comply with legislation, facilitate and secure commerce and support law enforcement and homeland security initiatives.


With today’s consumers bombarded with marketing messages Lexis Nexis really wanted to keep their clients engaged and involved with the Lexis Nexis brand and deliver high quality content of interest. Lexis Nexis wanted to provide this to clients with the minimum start on their part due to lack of internal resources.


To provide relevant and timely communications to a wide audience across a broad spectrum of business areas. To fully automate the process and have the content supplied in RSS form and fed directly into the campaign master account. Lexis Nexis then wanted a recurring campaign, which would deliver a customised email based on an API to the legal express website. Fully automated,
API driven, external content fed.


To make RSS to email possible, the Traction platform provides easy to implement API capability and includes RSS and XML content feeds. The Traction Digital Account Management team have the smarts to gather client requirements, find appropriate solutions, scope, pilot build, implement, test and monitor. The Traction Creative Services team have the skills to optimise the HTML to deliver the rich user experience that LexisNexis require. The design skills were also applied to make the look and feel current and in line with corporate branding guidelines.


Traction Digital’s expert staff worked with Lexis Nexis to provide an automated solution driven by RSS feeds directly from the Lexis Nexis website. The recipients’ profiles can be modified through a password protected Lexis Nexis legal express site which, when modified, are updated in the Traction Digital platform via an API. This enabled Lexis Nexis to fulfill their goals and provide the timely and relevant content directly from their existing website. The website is managed and updated daily by their content team.


Lexis Nexis now have a daily email that is fully automated and provides consumers with relevant content based on their topics of interest. Consumers are also able to modify their preferences and the changes are automatically fed into the Traction Digital platform allowing the next campaign to provide information more relevant to them.
This is a paid for service that Lexis Nexis provide to their clients, it is timely, relevant, automated and only requires the feeds to be updated for the content to be delivered.

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