How Regenerate kept their customers attention through an 8 email customer journey

Regenerate was one of the new Unilever brands and was looking to acquire a marketing base to promote their top of the line dental products. Since Ovato Technology was an established vendor with a long standing history, they decided to work with us to acquire and connect with their customers through web and email.

The Solution

Ovato Technology worked with the brand team to create an 8 step email journey from the conception and design to the implementation and delivery. We used our TractionNext platform to integrate their website to our CRM for real time email communication. As part of the campaign we worked with their fulfilment team to run a sampling competition allowing all contacts to receive a free Regenerate sample after interacting with the second email. Automated reports were delivered to the brand and fulfilment team to keep them up to date on the campaign progress and sample stock requirements. 

The Result

Thanks to the complete implementation of TractionNext we were able to provide valuable customer metrics, an interactive customer base and beautiful engaging email designs to kick-start a new brand into the UK market. 

Next Step

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