Case study: Refreshing customer loyalty through promotions

Traction Digital managed the mechanics for the “My Mug” promotion, with the inclusion of; automated code generation, custom draw mechanic, triggered emails and centralised management for all data.


  • Reinvigorate customer loyalty
  • Acquire new subscribers and customers
  • A single centralised promotion platform
  • Website integration

Solution at a glance

  • Traction Platform
  • Custom draw mechanic
  • Unique code generation and management
  • Automated winner and dispatch emails
  • Unique voucher generation
  • Collaboration with fulfilment house and customer care partner

The lovable mug of brand loyalty

The Traction Digital solution offered customers a simplified process to redeem their mug online using unique codes, found on the pack. The data was all tracked back to the Traction Platform.

Customers buy PG tips tea in-store and redeem online with the unique on-pack code. Winning customers receive a personalised PG tips mug embossed with two initials (in the same branding as the ‘PG’ in PG tips). All entrants (non-winning codes included) received a voucher for a discount on their next purchase.

Integrated data for improved customer experience

With customer experience a focus for PG tips, streamlined data between suppliers was integral for maintaining data integrity and providing a seamless experience.

The Traction competition platform was integrated with the PG tips website to verify the on-pack codes and capture all entrant’s data. Winners were automatically sent a triggered confirmation email, linking them to their unique voucher. All other entrants were given a unique voucher link on the website for a discount on their next purchase.

The fulfilment house automatically sent the data for mugs when they shipped to winners, and a triggered email with delivery details was sent from the Traction platform to customers.

Results driven marketing

Automated data feeds between the fulfilment house, printers and Traction platform provided a streamlined process with reliable data.

Complex campaign functionality was managed through a single, centralised platform, reducing the number of stakeholders, the amount of effort and cost of the project. The detail to competition mechanics and website integration provided a streamlined customer experience, with a more automated process and faster response times.

Over a six month period, the Unilever “My Mug” competition received over 200,000 entrants, with over 50,000 entrants then going on to generate and receive their 50p-off voucher. Even if the entrant didn’t manage to win a personalised PG tips mug, sales were still boosted by incentivising return customers to purchase in-store.

What Next?

The successful PG tips “My Mug” promotion will continue with adjustments made based on customer interactions and data collected.

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