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Mobile marketing transformation

These days everyone is mobile and the range of mobile devices available is on the incline, as life demands the convenience and immediacy of having technology at hand as a means of information sourcing & staying connected.

Australia is one of the leading countries in smartphone adoption, with penetration higher than the US and UK (76% penetration). This means mobiles are transforming business and giving customers the opportunity to interact with your brand every waking moment of the day.

Source: Deloitte, Mobile Consumer Survey 2014

With mobile marketing, we need to consider the best ways to offer a contextual customer experience, to be able to capture short attention spans and convert in a highly competitive digital world.

The main factors to consider with email & SMS campaigns:

1. Visual integrity & readability with mobile optimised emails
2. Leveraging integrated SMS alerts with email for more direct connections.
3. Creating a more efficient streamlined communication strategy

Mobilising emails

It is important to be able to connect to customers anywhere and on any device. If your emails do not render to be viewable and function correctly on mobile platforms, the customer’s frustration could mean the loss of engagement or sales opportunity. You need the right technology to deliver your message to the mobile consumer.

More than half of companies that are practicing segmentation & personalisation are also creating a mobile responsive email template, with 52% of companies and 54% of agencies selecting this.

Source: eConsultancy, “Email Marketing Industry Census 2015 In association with Adestra”, March 2015

When to use SMS campaigns

If you are anything like me your initial reaction to using SMS in marketing may be “Erk no it’s offensive! – I hate it when marketers SMS me!” and you would be right. There are some instances where you should definitely not use SMS as a communication to customers. But there are some very enticing reasons to use SMS – it’s easy to use, cost effective, produces high ROI and has extremely high open rates, with more than 95% of messages being opened. If done right SMS can be a powerful interaction and conversion tool.

If you carry out any of the following marketing activities you should be including SMS in your campaigns to improve customer experience.

Loyalty & Rewards Program – Points alerts, points expiries, funds loading alerts, redemption confirmations, shipping and dispatch alerts.

Promotional campaigns – Send codes, end of sale notice and additional discount offers.

Competitions – Encourage people to enter before a deadline, announce winners, shipping and dispatch alerts.

Event Management – Event reminder, parking instructions, weather forecasts, meeting point notifications and reminders.

Sales & Services – appointment confirmations & reminders, delivery or vehicle approaching.

Product & subscriptions – Expiry & renewal alerts. Product shipping alerts, missed delivery notifications.

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Important SMS best practices

The personal nature of a text message, is comparable to the days of landlines and receiving a direct call at home. There is a time and a place and it needs to be handled with care, to avoid irritating customers and damaging relationships, instead we want to use SMS to add value.

There are some important guidelines to follow when considering using SMS communications.

Opt in permission: No one likes to be interrupted with a spammy marketing SMS. We have all been on the receiving end of an annoying marketing text message. Make sure you are abiding by local privacy policies and not contacting people who have not previously opted-in.
Relevant content: The same way your email and other marketing activities are personalised and targeted you need to take the same approach with SMS.
SMS transactional automation: Use SMS at the appropriate moment in the automation workflow so customers are less likely to miss important notices and alerts.

Amplify with integrated SMS & email

One of the most valuable benefits of integrating SMS with your email marketing platform is inclusion in a more holistic marketing automation strategy. It makes it simpler for your marketing team to respond more efficiently and customers receive important alerts with more relevant timing. By having the choice to trigger an SMS when a message may be more urgent and require a quick direct response such as; replying YES or NO to confirm tomorrows scheduled appointment, we improve customer experience.

With SMS and email running from the same platform you achieve greater insight into customer interactions and behaviour with all data tracking back to the one place.

About a third of Australian adults that own a smartphone (~5 million people) look at their phone within five minutes of waking and nearly half within 15 minutes. Checking SMS is the first thing we do on our smartphones, followed by email and then social networks.

Modern Email & SMS technology

TractionNext is a platform that allows you to generate SMS campaigns as a standalone service or integrate with email and transactional automations. An integrated solution means a more streamlined approach which saves your marketing team time on set up and execution, with no separate segmentation and tracking. No additional platform means a greater cost saving.

As we move towards a future that predicts an increase in mobile and wearable technology, we need to constantly think ahead to predict the upcoming trends and adapt marketing technology to suit the consumer environment. We are constantly looking to innovate and develop our platform to make marketing easier and the customer experience exceptional.

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