The Competitions module allows users of all skill levels to quickly build and launch a competition into market, creating a lead generating powerhouse for your sales and marketing funnel.  An affordable and effective way to drive sales,  acquire new customers, engage with your database and obtain new customer preferences.

Why run a competition?

Acquire new customers

Drive growth with the ability to acquire 10’s of millions of qualified email addresses as people enter your competition. The competitions module provides the opportunity to run thousands of promotions to collect millions of data points.

Higher engagement

Strike while the iron is hot by encouraging competition entrants to sign up for a newsletter, or offer them added benefits such as special offers during the confirmation and notification trigger cycle. These emails and SMS often have high open rates, improving ROI and presenting an excellent engagement opportunity.

Increase sales

Entry to an enticing competition can require customers to firstly buy something to get the necessary entry codes. On-pack barcodes or unique codes emailed upon minimum purchase requirements will immediately lift sales with customers eager to win.

Deepen loyalty

Instant wins with many small prizes work wonders, especially when integrated across multiple social platforms. Whether the entry process is simple, fun or both, running regular competitions will encourage long term loyalty. Of course, a grand prize on top of the smaller prizes doesn’t hurt either if you have the budget.

Engage your customers across multiple touchpoints

Competitions can be used across multiple marketing channels to achieve different objectives. Deploying a competition online will instantly increase site traffic. Competitions released on social platforms encourage sharing and engagement, while competitions run through SMS reduce barriers to entry. Using all three channels will maximise sales, reach, and entry opportunities.

Enrich data

Advanced reporting of competition performance lets marketers create ROI models and benchmarking against industry standards.

Why do this with TractionNext?

Different draws for fresh ideas

Major prize draws are available using Instant Win, Manual Draw and Scheduled Draw options. In addition, a range of competition mechanics, such as Winning Moments and Everybody Wins, ensures that you have the flexibility to custom create your competitions according to your requirements.

End-to-end campaigns

Drive Sales with unique or generic codes (like barcodes), to link entries to sales or registrations. Following the promotion you can also automate targeted messaging via SMS or email to drive repeat sales and long term brand loyalty.

Manage the promotion from end-to-end, including marketing the promotion, entry and winner validation, permit applications, contacting winners, data collection, digital fulfilment and producing detailed customer insight reports to inform future campaigns.

Multi-channel, multi-platform

Our team can build & advise on almost any competition mechanic involving web, SMS and/or Facebook logins or forms. We also advise on compliance issues to minimise the risk of brand damage.

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On brand

Design & re-skin the promotion, applying your branding and imagery. This can include both graphic design, user experience design and promotion mechanic design.

Wide integrations

CRM or data stores, TractionNext Competition module has you covered.

Related email and SMS activity will be part of the same workflow, plus you can connect to over 1000 apps via Zapier and PieSync.

Central hosting and messaging

Get a whole-of-campaign view from a single dashboard. All pages, eDM assets, reporting hosted in one place, all messaging built in.

Self Service Competition Set Up

Brand and agency users can now easily set up a promotions campaign using an intuitive console to quickly create self-service competitions.

3 easy options for Entry Codes

– Single Use: Let TractionNext generate codes automatically, or simply upload your own codes.

– Unlimited Use: This is the same as Single Use except it has an expiration. The expiry begins only once the competition is live.

– Unknown Single Use: See the below image. There is no configuration required, and every entry into the competition with a unique code will prevent that code being used again.

Promotion Services

Fixed Fee Promotions

Have the freedom to run a truly awesome promotional campaign without having to worry about budget overruns. We offer Fixed Free Promotion packages, where we take care of everything for you, from campaign ideation to set up to prize fulfilment for a fixed fee.

Gift Card Sourcing

Unsure of what prizes to give away? We can source digital or physical gift cards and pre-paid Mastercards for your promotional campaign. We will also take care of the fulfilment to ensure that winners will receive their prizes on time, while giving you a regularly scheduled report so you can track its progress.

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