Meat & Livestock Australia increase email engagement by 40%


Meat & Livestock Australia Limited (MLA) is an industry body delivering services for Australia’s cattle, sheep and goat producers. MLA creates opportunities for livestock supply chains from their combined investments to build demand and productivity. It also provides services, tools and information that create tangible benefits for livestock producers that flow back to the farm gate. MLA has over 47,500 livestock producer members who have stakeholder entitlements in the company to whom they communicate.

MLA have three main producer groups – cattle, sheep and goat producers – located across Australia, and each target group has individual communication requirements. With a large number of subscribers to their weekly email newsletters, they faced a number of challenges with regards to administrating separate account databases, quickly pulling content directly from their CMS by segment and delivering the emails to the right target segment efficiently.


  • Segmentation – MLA wanted to deliver targeted campaigns to each unique producer group to increase their email engagement metrics. Prior to this, they had to manually produce five separate email campaigns for each group which was highly laborious and inefficient.
  • Data Consolidation – MLA’s CRM database lacked integration with their email/SMS/fax distribution tool. They needed to consolidate data from both databases so changes made on either would be automatically fed-back to the other, increasing the efficiency and accuracy of list management.
  • Dynamic vs. Manual Content Generation – Content had to be manually entered into TractionNext. MLA needed the ability to dynamically generate content for each segment according to an individual set of subscriber attributes – for example, location and livestock species.


Traction Digital’s team recommended the use of the TractionNext platform offering the following solutions to MLA:

  • Data Strategy Session – Account managers worked with MLA to develop a strategy for data integration to improve data quality and account management efficiency.
  • Data Consolidation – Merging multiple accounts into a single segmented database with specific access rights for various types of users.
  • Dynamic Content within Single Campaign Builds – Set up TractionNext with the ability to produce a single campaign, displaying different content for specific groups:
    • Livestock species – Cattle producers only see news headlines related to the beef enterprise
    • Geography – Display relevant details by member location
    • User behaviour – Target emails based on their past engagement behaviour
  • Campaign Management Expertise – Regular meetings with an Account Manager to review campaign performance and identify opportunities for improving usability, deliverability and engagement rates.


The implementation of dynamic content in their Friday Feedback newsletter has delivered significant efficiencies in the execution of the communication. Instead of building five individual email campaigns with overlapping content, MLA now delivers customised emails for individual users through a single campaign build. Click-through rates now average 40% highlighting very strong engagement with their e-newsletters.

“Traction Digital provides us with a good technology solution that enables us to segment and target our diverse membership with email communications that hit the mark. TractionNext features, including dynamic content management and reporting tools, have been invaluable and their service levels very good.”

Andrew Parker, Corporate Communications Manager

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