Enriching Marketing Ecosystems with Data Insights & Automation

by | Sep 7, 2016

Ovato Technology carried out a full data base cleanse and implemented an ongoing data maintenance and automation strategy. Implementation of the Traction marketing platform was completed, with transition of postal and SMS databases to a consolidated and cost effective email solution.


  • Ability to run national campaigns alongside individual store campaigns
  • More targeted, personalised campaigns based on customer preferences
  • Enable franchise stores to self-manage targeted campaigns

Solution at a glance

  • TractionNext
  • Database cleanse
  • Onboarding process for franchises
  • Customer preference centre and sign up forms
  • Centralised data management

Customer focus & technology transformation

In 1984 Cash Converters started as a single store in Perth, Western Australia, with a vision to transform the humble second-hand store into a chain of professional retail outlets. Cash Converters is now a global franchise with more than 150 stores throughout Australia, and over 700 worldwide.

To support their growing franchise business, Cash Converters are always looking for ways to improve services, with recent innovations like Webshop, which allows consumers to purchase items online.

As part of ongoing technology developments, Cash Converters required a centralised marketing platform to provide franchisees with access to branded communications, with individual self-managed accounts for stores. It was important that Cash Converters corporate office had the ability to govern branded templates, manage account access and visibility for users.

Simplified customer onboarding with automation

Communications had typically been with traditional platforms of post and SMS, which meant data was unreliable as it was not easily updated. Ovato Technology carried out a full data cleanse to ensure more accurate and effective campaigns. Legacy customers were sent an email with a preference centre form to complete, capturing the most current up to date information, ensuring data integrity.

New customers sign up to communications via a form on the Cash Converters website or individual stores can send out targeted email campaigns using the sign up form available in TractionNext. After signing up subscribers receive an automated welcome message directing them to the preference centre to set email and interests such as events, promotions or news, as well as confirm closest store location and preferred contact method.

Cash Converters National Marketing Manager, Sarah Sawdon says, “Working with Ovato Technology has given us the confidence in our data to know that when we execute a campaign we not only get better deliverability but better engagement through a personalised approach. We know what our customers want and can provide a better service.”

Enriching the Franchise Marketing Ecosystem

With Traction marketing technology, individual stores now have the flexibility to self-manage marketing communications. With access to branded email templates, forms and automations, created and managed by head office. Franchises are able to create their own targeted and relevant emails, bring on new subscribers and engage existing subscribers.  All data collected feeds back into the one marketing platform, enriching the franchise ecosystem. Sarah says, “More targeted campaigns are a way for us to show value and build on the relationships within our franchise network.”

Results driven marketing

Consolidated data. Better Insight. Individualised for Franchises. Personalised for customers.

The TractionNext has given better control over targeted campaigns to Cash Converters franchisees and corporate head office now have better data intelligence for future campaign planning. More than twenty franchise stores have signed up along with the corporate stores and are actively using the new platform.

Cash Converters are seeing considerable cost savings on communications since implementing the new technology. With personalised content, customers are more engaged with improved open rates and fewer unsubscribes.

With insight across all marketing campaigns and activities Cash Converters now have a better understanding of their customer’s wants and needs and can make smarter marketing decisions.