How Magnum engaged with customers in-store

Magnum is an ice cream brand owned by the British/Dutch Unilever company and sold as part of the Heartbrand line of products in most countries.

They were looking to run an in-store competition where participants would work with assistants to complete the form on an iPad. The winner would receive a year’s worth of Magnum Ice Cream.  As we were an established vendor for Unilever UK they turned to us to deliver this project.

The Solution

Ovato Technology  offered a simple workaround using out-of-the-box functionality. We set up an SFTP directory for the client, who automated an export from their local database to the SFTP directory.

Using our automated File Import service, TractionNext then picked up the file at a scheduled time daily, posted entries into the platform and triggered the emails with a maximum delay of less than 24 hours.

Utilising the competition module, the client was able to automatically pick winners through our independently-verified draw mechanic and trigger additional confirmation emails to these winners using all data housed within TractionNext single customer view.

TractionNext designed and built both the confirmation and winner’s triggered emails, utilizing best-practice responsive design, optimal conversion UX key brand guidelines to promote engagement.

The Result

The TractionNext platform offered a one-stop-shop for all client needs, ranging from data capture and email delivery, to the design of the email and a rich reporting suite allowing the client to track metrics per individual entrant at each stage of the journey.

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