Light up the Bat Signal! Google Penguin is Lurking…

You may have noticed some changes to search rankings over the last few months.  Many have speculated that this may be the long awaited Penguin updates which have been discussed and feared for more than a year now. But Google’s response has been that it is not in fact Penguin it is an update to the core algorithms.

Like most of Googles previous updates, no dates have been confirmed for the implementation of Penguin, however the popular rumour is early 2016. True to the comic book character we can assume Penguin will be scheming in the background and sneakily show up at a surprise moment.

We cannot be sure what to expect but one strong contender is more automated detection of spamy links with immediate penalties being applied.  So make sure you get your website cleaned up because once you have a bad ranking it may take months or years before your website ranking will be improved by Google.

Some may fear Penguin as the villain who is out to get them and “de-rank” and damage their business. But it may be that Penguin is just misunderstood…

We have shortlisted the top articles from prominent bloggers discussing the potential effects of the latest Google updates so you can make your own mind up…

What you can do to protect your ranking:

If you have previously enlisted the services of spamy SEO services chances are your website will be on the radar of Penguin.

The basic rule here is keep it legit and you should be safe.

  • Penalties for unnatural links (link buying is zero tolerance) remove all pages containing ‘fake’ links from your website.
  • Penalties for manipulating anchor text – clean these up.
  • Private Blog Networks (PBN’s) Fake blogs set up to create backlinks to drive traffic to your REAL website to increase rankings. REMOVE.
  • Optimise your internal links to show Google which ones are more important and link related pages.
  • Build new paths rather than trying to cover your tracks.
  • Review your landing page content – you can build these in TractionNext using a range of dynamic tricks.

What does all this have to do with an email marketing company?

Well not much really… and that’s what makes us cool. It’s reliable results driven email as usual – reaching, connecting and engaging with customers and driving traffic to your website.

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