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Half of marketers in APAC struggle to make a business case for digital. Yet data shows that there’s a correlation between digital marketing excellence and revenue. Being able to demonstrate your digital marketing campaign will increase sales can be particularly helpful for getting the resources you need.

One of our most popular features is tying every entry to an online promotion or competition to a sale, to show revenue impact and ROI. Throughout and beyond the promotion or competition there are also key points where you can give sales an extra bonus boost too. That’s why digital promotions and competitions are so powerful as an acquisition and/or activation tool: they provide cost-effective, ongoing opportunities for brand connection and customer growth.

Tying entries to sales

A “purchase gate” can have concrete bottom-line value, as opposed to a “like gate” on Facebook. Essentially, this is how a purchase gate can work:

Using codes to “purchase gate” means you predominantly reward paying customers rather than fans and give fans a reason to become customers. There are three ways to do it:

  1. Use unique codes printed on or in the product, or on a voucher at the point of sale (at a pub for beer for example – see the Guiness example below)
  2. Use generic codes printed on pack (our client Peperami did this for their Fanimal giveaway)
  3. Use existing barcodes printed on pack

Each has its strengths – unique codes for example encourage repeat sales, unique codes are needed. Our client Guinness for example wanted to offer a very special prize to their most prolific pub supporters. However, to earn that prize, entrants had to buy ten times and collect ten unique codes to be eligible to win. Each successful entry therefore guaranteed at least 10 sales, and each entrant represented a highly engaged customer worth connecting with in the long term.

Generic codes also have their place if printing costs are a concern. Using an existing barcode will mean you don’t need to alter the product packaging for the promotion. However if you believe your competition will attract a lot of prize hunters, then unique codes inside product packaging will guarantee you a better link to a purchase.

Continuing the conversation

Once someone has entered your promotion or competition and given you their email address – make the most of it! Encourage additional purchases or engagement opportunities by offer something of value in the triggered entry confirmation email. These emails often have high open rates, so they’re often one of your best opportunities to further engage. For Tooheys Extra Dry Hit the Button promotion for example, entrants received a special price at their nearest store to prompt even more purchases:

A valuable offer doesn’t have to be purchase related, like a discount code or voucher. You can also showcase any useful content you have that engages your new customer so they are warmer to buying other products you offer. For example, in the same promotion, an email to winners showed a beer dispensing unit (Tap King) which sells Tooheys Extra Dry refills:

Wondering what else promotions can do for your marketing goals? Check out the other features we recommend depending on your main marketing objective, plus some other examples of clients who have benefited.

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