Lion Increase Engagement by 34% with Personalised NRL Club Promotion

by | Sep 14, 2016


Ovato Technology provided setup, mechanics, testing, campaign management and reporting for 14 competition communications for Lion brands Tooheys and XXXX GOLD. In addition to this Ovato Technology modernised existing 3rd party email templates with mobile responsive design.


  • Acquire new email subscribers for Tooheys and XXXX GOLD
  • Qualify and engage consumers, based on NRL team interests
  • Target open rate of more than 25%
  • Engage and educate subscribers on the Tooheys and XXXX GOLD brands
  • Responsive email design across multiple platforms and devices
  • A collaborative competition across multiple brands

Solution at a glance

  • TractionNext
  • Competition setup, mechanics, testing, campaign management and reporting
  • Responsive email design templates

Customer focus & promotional drivers

Lion beer brands Tooheys and XXXX GOLD carry a proud heritage starting from humble beginnings in the late 1800’s, with XXXX GOLD the best selling beer in Australia and a total of 23% market share between them.

As sponsors of 8 Australian NRL teams, the two brands connect with consumers and fans through celebrating, sportsmanship mateship and what it takes to be a winning team. Tooheys proudly sponsor; Canterbury Bulldogs, Newcastle Knights, Penrith Panthers, Manly Warringah Sea Eagles, Parramatta Eels and South Sydney Rabbitohs. XXXX GOLD proudly sponsor; Brisbane Broncos and North Queensland Cowboys.

To provide more personalised and engaging promotions and future content, Lion sought to not only increase their subscriber base but simultaneously uncover subscribers NRL team loyalties. A collaborative brand approach allowed Lion to build a positive brand association between the consumer’s favourite NRL teams and the sponsored beer brands.

Engagement through personalised rewards

The promotion was published across Tooheys, XXXX GOLD and the NRL clubs’ social media channels, email and websites. Consumers were encouraged to join the Tooheys or XXXX GOLD Club newsletter, choose their preferred game and go in the draw to win 1 of 500 double passes to their preferred NRL game in 2016. The competition was also open to all current subscribers as a way to further engage and gather valuable information on NRL team loyalties.

Four Ultimate 2016 NRL Club Pack prizes were also up for grabs for members and non-members. The NRL Ultimate Club Pack consisted of; a signed jersey, signed football, season ticket and beer merchandise, based on entrants selected preferences.

After providing contact details and selecting their favourite NRL team, participants receive a thank you message with social media links and a video link to the Tooheys story, further strengthening brand association between sponsor and club. The XXXX GOLD thank you message included website and social media links as wells as a link to ‘Choose another game’ to encourage further engagement.
Mechanic example:

Creating powerful brand loyalties through a collaborative approach

By collaborating across multiple brands to amplify reach and shareability, Lion were able to increase new subscriber opportunities. This mutually beneficial promotion saw NRL clubs increase exposure and also gain new fans and followers.

By connecting Tooheys and XXXX GOLD customers with their favourite NRL teams and vice versa, they created cross promotional ties between brands, with a strong emotional connection to create brand loyalties that would last well after the competition ends.

Results driven marketing

More subscribers. Personalised promotional rewards. Increased Engagement. Emotional brand connection.

Lion saw a 4% increase in new subscribers for Tooheys and 3% increase in new subscribers for XXXX GOLD. The promotion saw great engagement, with 34% open rate.

The competition provided valuable data such as; preferred club, defined age categories and location that can now be used to enrich future campaigns.

A personalised promotional reward reinforced a positive brand association resulting in a greater number of subscribers, positive brand association and strengthened relationship between clubs, consumers and sponsors.

What next?

From the successful engagement of the campaign, Lion plan to run more NRL promotions using the data collected to segment and target consumers based on club preferences.