How to grow subscribers (and revenue, and more) with competitions

We all love creating relevant, exciting one-to-one campaigns that we can be proud of, whether on email or SMS – but how do you then grow subscribers for your next campaign? That’s where promotions and competitions can come in, while also generating new leads, and growing revenue.

In one of our latest case studies, Tooheys Extra Dry grew their subscribers by 36,000 with one single competition, and prior to that, a competition we ran for them built their database by 50,000. Even though their core aims for the competitions were revenue related, they enriched the data they already had from existing customers, and provided brand-affirming prizes to encourage future loyalty. In case you’re wondering – the Hairy Chest Tie and Bacon Suit were particularly popular! Tooheys Extra Dry continued the conversation with each entrant by emailing them with their nearest stockist for extra chances to win.

Unlike a stand-alone Facebook competition, the competition could be directly linked to revenue generated, as each entry required a purchase. However, to reduce barriers to entry, Traction integrated SMS entries into the competition as well, making offline entry simple too. To give you an idea of how many extra entries this actually helped gather – the “Bank It or Blow It” competition they previously ran received 35,000 SMS entries out of the total 95,000.

Of course, the approach Tooheys Extra Dry took isn’t for everyone, and growing subscribers wasn’t even their core aim in running these competitions – but it was an excellent side benefit that boosted their competition’s ROI, achieved by simply collecting entrants’ details for future campaigns.

If your main goal is to grow subscribers, here are are 3 features to consider to maximise that growth:

  • Run instant win competitions with lots of small, relevant prizes (and therefore more chances to win).
  • Encourage entrants’ friends to participate: integrate the competition with social channels, and reward entrants with extra entries when they promote your competition for you. Alternatively, you can make it a “group competition” where inviting friends is part of the fun. Just make sure the prize is appealing to share (both in the sense that it’s awesome and possible to divvy up if you’re requiring entrants to enter with friends)!
  • Make sure your prize is relevant – using your product or something that complements it will ensure you grow your database with quality prospective customers, not just people who will later unsubscribe.

Wondering what else you should consider before running a competition or promotion? Check out our mini-guides on running promotions depending on your marketing goal, or get in touch with us for a free consult. We love helping marketers discover how to deliver on their KPIs!

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