How Gmail Padlock Will Affect Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Gmail puts email security in the hands of the user. Email recipients now have the ability to identify and control which emails they do and do not accept with the help of Gmail Padlock. While Gmail Padlock is great news for users with improved email privacy, as marketers we need to consider how this affects the deliverability of marketing emails.

What is the red Google Padlock in emails?

If you are using Gmail, your emails will now automatically be encrypted using Transport Layer Security (TLS) protecting your emails while they are in transit. Encryption is an added measure of security that protects your emails from internet trawlers and hackers who are after your valuable personal information for criminal purposes.

Google warns us: If you see a red open padlock icon  on a message you’ve received, or on one you’re about to send, it means that the message may not be encrypted.

If you see the red padlock while composing a message

Don’t send confidential material, like tax forms or contracts, to that email address.

If you see the red padlock when viewing a received message

This message was sent unencrypted. In most cases, there’s nothing you can do. If it contained particularly sensitive content, you should let the sender know and they can contact their email service provider.

If you see a red question mark in the email subject header this means the email you have received may not be encrypted and poses some risk should you open.

How does Gmail Padlock affect email deliverability for Marketers?

With better insight into potentially unsafe emails, if not protected properly your marketing emails will be marked as suspicious by Gmail and likely deleted by the receiver.

It is important to make sure the email marketing platform you use to deliver emails to contacts supports TLS encryption so the receiver can be sure your email is safe to open. Some contacts may have additional security software installed that places unencrypted emails in quarantine.

How does TractionNext protect emails in transit?

The TractionNext platform has been configured to support Transport Layer Security (TLS) so you can be sure all emails sent will be detected by Gmail as safe.

We place high priority on ensuring standards are met to comply with security requirements for authentication, abuse detection and ISP feedback loops.

In addition to TLS protection, we provide free service to authenticate your campaigns during the set up stage, and we support DKIM, SenderID and SPF authentication.

Reference:  Google “How Encryption Works”

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