“Hit the Button” promotion acquires over 100k entries tied to sales

by | Feb 10, 2014


Toohey’s Extra Dry is one of Australia’s most popular beer brands, owned by Lion, a leading beverage and food company with a portfolio of market leading brands in Australia and New Zealand. Lion have been using Traction since 2008 for their digital communications with many beer and wine consumers. With a registered competitions engine and extensive experience in implementing promotion mechanics, Ovato Technology was the obvious choice to assist Lion.


Beer is a fast moving consumer good; a product that is constantly under pressure to maintain long term volume sales and in turn increase market share. There are a number of barriers for Tooheys Extra Dry (TED) to remain the beer of choice for many beer drinkers:

  • Change in Australian demographics,
  • Growth in availability of beer competitors targeting drinkers aged 18-24,
  • Growth in availability and competitiveness of alcohol alternatives e.g. cider and wine.

In order for TED to remain the popular beer of choice amongst the younger beer market TED needs to position itself as the popular brand of choice. Hence what better way to do this than to partner with Rip Curl to promote the social aspect of have a beer with your mates.


Since the huge success of the TED “Bank It Or Blow It” competition run with Ovato Technology, Lion grew their database by acquiring almost 50,000 new subscribers. Hence, when the formula works, TED decided to roll out their next big competition, Hit The Button.

  • To strengthen brand awareness across Australia,
  • Increase off premise sales of TED across the Winter months,
  • To acquire new customers and brand lovers of TED,
  • Attain deeper brand interaction with TED customers beyond the Bottle-O and local Pub,
  • Find out where the majority of competition entries come from: SMS or Email,
  • To enrich the database profiles of pre-existing, loyal TED customers,
  • To continue the conversation with TED Beer lovers and customers

“This campaign is born out the simple understanding that people like to win. However, unlike most promotional campaigns this one is not about if you win; it’s about what you win.”

Hayden Bell, TED Assistant Brand Manager


Lion needed a platform that could cater to accepting entries from both web & SMS, validate unique entry & redemption codes, manage automated winner draws across multiple Prize Tiers and
handle the prize winner redemption process.

As Lion had flagged their competition requirements months in advance, Ovato Technology was able to collaborate with Lion’s digital agency, promotions agency and handling houses to scope the complex competition function and ultimately ensure that every entrant was awarded a prize instantly. From there Ovato Technology built the custom competition mechanic; upon entry, each consumer receives a triggered communication confirming their entry whether they entered via web or SMS. All successful entries were then assigned to a particular prize tier where the entrant automatically wins any prize ranging from an overseas holiday trip to a hairy chest tie.

All communications from entry confirmation and winner notifications were triggered instantly to the consumer and all redemptions were tracked and reported against for the handling houses to dispatch prizes.

As a follow up to the promotion, TED used the postcode data from each entrant to send a handy EDM showing the nearest store and special price of TED at the time, to generate further sales. This is an excellent example of using data that you’ve already collected to re-connect in a hyper-targeted, helpful way. Instead of the promotion lifting sales once, it became an ongoing opportunity to engage.


Overall Hit The Button was a great success receiving over 100,000 total entries, of which approximately a third were new subscribers who opted in to TED. This is huge growth for the TED brand who increased their database with a whopping 36,000 additional customers. The breakdown between web entries and SMS shows that web is still the preferred entry channel for consumers, with almost double the entries coming through online. The uptake of prize redemptions was brilliant throughout the TED Hit The Button promotion with popular prizes like the Bacon Suit and Hairy Chest Tie always being redeemed. This resonates with the TED target market; TED lovers who are down to earth, well-grounded and possess a wry sense of humour that rubs off on everyone.

Moving forwards, the goals for TED are working through ways to tailor competitions that tap into consumer interests and lifestyle preferences, so that TED can continue their conversation with their brand advocates long after the competition is over.