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Whether you are transitioning from previous release Traction Platform, Traction Express or simply looking for a new email marketing automation platform. There are many great new features of the TractionNext platform that can help make day to day marketing life easier.

TractionNext provides a more relevant and engaging brand experience to customers. With real time insights and reporting across multiple digital channels all in the one place, you can easily leverage data intelligence to drive performance and marketing ROI

What Next?

TractionNext is even easier to use, faster and more flexible for everyone in your team, marketers and coders alike. With easy to use drag and drop campaign build functionality through to the option to edit in HTML code.

TractionNext Key features:

  • Flexible email building
  • Single customer view
  • Registration forms and surveys
  • Visual automation builder
  • Tracking and deliverability
  • Trigger conversations
  • Mobile friendly and responsive
  • Detailed reporting
  • Integrate & connect

Here are just a few examples of how TractionNext makes email marketing campaigns even better:

Customer experience with workflow automations

Marketing workflow automations allow you to provide a better customer experience with quick responses and relevant content to guide the customer through the buying cycle based on their interactions. Workflows enable you to trigger campaigns based on the actions of the recipient.  For example, you can set conditions to send a follow up email based on what the recipient has submitted on a form, or send an SMS promotional code if a recipient has clicked on a link in the email. Workflow automations can be simple or you can build a more complex model dependant on the campaign requirements.

Customer engagement with interactions and measures

As developers we can customise any incoming interactions using measures that can be used on their own or added to a workflow. There are many possibilities to provide a better customer experience, such as making recommendations based on the last product purchased. For example; every contact who purchased a ticket to “Customer 360 Symposium” in 2015 will be sent an email offer with a 5% early bird discount for the “Customer 360 Symposium” 2016, 6 months out from the event. Interactions are only limited by the data available.

Customer retention with abandoned shopping cart alerts

Avoid losing customers to competitors with automated triggers to follow up abandoned shopping carts or notify your sales team of an abandoned cart.  For example; If a customer adds products to their shopping cart on your website then abandons the cart before making a purchase, this triggers an automated email to the customer within a specified time frame (commonly 1 minute) saying; “There is something in your shopping cart, would you like to make a purchase?” and providing a link back to the website shopping cart. This function also provides valuable data and insights into how your customers are interacting with your product and reasons why they may not be converting.

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SMS campaigns with email

Create SMS campaigns for better engagement. Use SMS on its own or use a blended approach with Email and SMS for multiple touch points. SMS is a valuable customer experience tool for providing alerts, reminders, updates and notifications for important events, appointments, product releases/expiries, account balances, point’s expiry and MORE. You can easily send SMS campaigns to multiple contacts using TractionNext. For example; automated SMS messages can be scheduled to send to customers on particular dates, such as; 1 year from sign up, for renewal dates, quarterly updates or birthdays.

Collect and track data using forms

Forms such as a sign up form, a preference centre, a customer survey or even an event registration form can be built quickly and easily in TractionNext.  The form is fully integrated into the email as you build it. Alternatively you can build forms to be used in any digital environment such as embedding on your website, this enables you to efficiently and accurately capture data which is automatically updated in TractionNext without expensive integration costs.

Insights into reliable data with marketing automation

We understand the importance of reliable data and the convenience of having easy to access graphs and charts for campaign results a simple click away.  The Dashboard shows a complete summary report of an Account with information on Contacts, Campaigns and latest activity details.
Probably one of the most valuable analytic tools for customers is the ROI tracking report. By activating this function you can track the ROI of your marketing campaigns from the first interaction within your email or SMS campaign, through to website conversion which is then compiled in the ROI tracking report within TractionNext.
We also offer custom reporting that can be set up by our technical team so platform users can access any time they need. Get the data you need, when you need it!

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