Generate Brand Buzz and Sales Leads with Competitions

by | May 29, 2018

As a marketer, you spend a lot of time focusing on generating leads, creating brand buzz and keeping customers happy and engaged with the relevant content.

Getting people to look your way can be tough. Customers are overwhelmed with choice so no one wakes up in the morning thinking about what your brand has got to offer. Finding ways to spark interest means being educational, informative or entertaining.

Online contests and giveaways are a fun way to connect people to your brand. They’re also highly effective because they speak to our competitive drive, the possibility of winning, and can be shared as viral content.

Social platforms make competitions alluring to marketers. They provide the opportunity to tick every box for measurable relevancy: increase brand awareness, create engagement, generate leads, and reward customers. An online contest can also be an amazingly low-cost way to get customers to do the marketing for you.

Market research firm Ipsos found that more than a third of Internet users entered a brand sponsored competition, and these contests keep 52% of consumers connected to a brand.

Tips for promoting your online contest

Be all about the timing: Check your social insights and analytics for what time the highest engagement happens. Schedule your posts and ads accordingly. Each platform may have different peak usage patterns for your content so adjust your schedule accordingly.

Feed the beast: Social media feeds have an endless appetite for updates. A feed moves fast and your target market will need to see it more than once before they act. Post about your competition often. Once a day won’t be enough. Make the posts different so they stand out and always make them an interesting take on the same idea.

Direct the traffic to you: Think of all your available distribution platforms. List them out. Then make sure they’re all doing a job in directing the traffic they have towards the competition platform.

Pay it again, Sam: Consider paid promotional options on each social platform, search engines, even short term banners to augment your organic reach.

Make friends and influence: Know the key influencers who follow you. They typically engage with Likes, Shares and have added reviews. Ask these people if they’ll share your content to deepen its reach.

Stay fresh and consistent: All that cool regular content should continue at the same pace. It keeps your existing customers engaged and shows new customers that they’ve got plenty of reasons to stick with you because your content is amazeballs.


The web is a content medium. Content creates loyalty and sales through nurtured relationships. The best brands do this with content that customers love because it is useful to them, and provides opportunities to be a part of fun activities such as competitions.

Be sure to promote the winner as an extra opportunity to create more content that feeds the social beast and keeps the buzz going.

An online contest gives you the opportunity to create excitement around your brand and direct traffic and engagement to your digital properties. It’s a great way to build an email list so you can develop relationships with your new users while rewarding your existing users with something fun to do that could snag them a free prize.

Ovato Technology’s marketing automation platform TractionNext has a powerful and easy-to-use Competition module. Contact a digital specialist at Ovato Technology about how our Competition module can help generate leads for your sales funnel.

Check our case study to see how we helped power Australia’s biggest beer promotion to get Tooheys an extra 30,000 email subscribers from 100,000 competition entries.