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TractionNext directly connects to Shopify, with real time communication and data integration.

Capture of all your e-commerce and purchase information, enabling you to send highly personalized, targeted campaigns or automations such as abandon cart and back in stock product follow ups.

By connecting to your e-commerce and communication platform you can better understand your campaign’s impact on sales.



This useful integration captures all your contacts and new signups in TractionNext from your Salesforce CRM.

Ensure your sales teams are leveraging campaign activity occurring in TractionNext and all areas of your business have better insight to communicate and report on activity.


Extend the reach of your email campaign to your Facebook community.

TractionNext enables you to post a version of your email campaign onto your facebook wall.

The integration includes Facebook connect and the associated data from the user’s Facebook account.



Product recommendations and other campaign / promotional emails can be sent to Neto contacts imported in Traction Next and this will help our customer boost their online sales.

Capture your customer information and buyer behaviour directly into TractionNext with our Neto real time integration.

Your Neto e-commerce platform provides tremendous opportunities beyond the initial sale. Mining the customer data and marrying it with automated communications can nurture and extend the relationship with a customer to generate ongoing sales.

The data integration will enable you to segment customers based on buying behavior, generate product recommendation, tailor a communications program and ensure you are engaging customers with relevant promotions and campaigns.


Zapier integrations (called a ‘zap’) automate integration tasks, eliminating the requirement for custom development and lengthy deployment times, saving you money and time.

It works with hundreds of web apps offering one-directional triggers.

With TractionNext this means you can now easily import, export and migrate your marketing data between application platforms for more centralised data management.



PieSync focuses on bringing apps together by fully syncing data between apps, automagically letting you work with the same data in different apps. It is designed to synchronize contacts in both directions, in real time. Every time you add or update a contact in TractionNext, it is automatically synced with the other app, and vice versa. You never need to manually transfer data again. Your cloud apps will always be up to date with the correct customer and prospect information.

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