Increasing Engagement by 132% with Dynamic & Personalised Content

TractionNext migration – AB testing & dynamic content

Traction Digital managed the transition and upgrade to next generation marketing automation platform TractionNext and continue to provide agency services, management and distribution of email campaigns for Civic.


  • Reach local and international customers through email campaigns
  • Responsive design across multiple platforms and devices
  • Personalised campaigns from Franchisees, individual to the store
  • Ability to personalise and automate emails to individual customers
  • Improve open rates and engagement

Solution at a glance

  • TractionNext Platform
  • Dynamic content, promotions platform capabilities
  • AB testing
  • Centralized data management

Customer focus & technology transformation

Since the first store opening in 1985, Civic boasts a successful chain of franchises and corporate entertainment stores across Australia and New Zealand.

In this rapidly-changing world, they have stood the test of time, and evolved to keep customers at the forefront. The simple commitment and foundation of their success has always been to put the customer first by guaranteeing and delivering on every aspect of the evolving home entertainment offer.

Civic wanted to change the way they communicate with their clients, with a more personalised and automated communication strategy that reinvigorated customers to get them in store. They needed a technology solution to offer tailored promotions to customers and provide value and ROI to their many franchise operations.

Civic required a marketing technology partner that would enable them to deliver on their commitments to customer excellence, with a technology platform solution combined with agency services. It was important to Civic to gain a deeper insight into the needs of their customers and channel and maintain integrated data management with all data stored in the one central location.

Transitioning to next generation campaign management

Traction Digital’s existing relationship with Civic provided firsthand experience managing their email campaigns and insights into processes, giving them the capability to fast track new project timelines.

The release of TractionNext, gave Civic the opportunity to easily migrate their existing solution to provide a greater level of personalisation and improve customer experience. The transition was managed as a staggered approach starting with the corporate stores, then dealer stores and the wider network.  This allowed Civic to test the market and show reliable ROI build confidence, mitigate risk and encourage buy in from franchisees.

“Upgrading to the new TractionNext marketing platform gave us better insight into our email marketing campaigns. With new and exciting ways to strategically engage with customers across our franchise network, we saw an increased engagement of 132% for active customers. More intelligent data meant understanding, not only what our customers wanted from promotions but gave us a better understanding of our franchisees needs so we could provide greater value and more personalised campaigns.”

Liz Power,Digital Marketing Executive

Delivering performance with personalised & dynamic content

New EDM design templates with dynamic triggers built in meant Civic could provide targeted content based on data collected, with personalisation of; intro offers, barcodes for redemption in store, store signatures and T&C’s. Civic were then able to re-engage their digital audience and drive customer store visits through promotional activities. Customers were able to more easily redeem for promotions with the option of showing the email barcode on their phone or printing and redeeming in store.

Introducing AB testing to vary email subject lines, Civic could monitor click rates to determine the best cut-through.

Results driven marketing

Increased Engagement. Better Collaboration. Individualised for Franchises. Personalised for customers.

A more digitally focused communication strategy enabled Civic to activate AB testing to monitor and determine the best email subject lines and send times, this alone increased email open rates by more than 73% on average.

Introduction of the new technology accelerated engagement through relevant promotions and flexible bar code redemption, with active customers increasing by more than 132%.

Centralised data collected with daily data syncs to stores provided a holistic insight into what offers are attractive to customers. This data is then shared with the franchises to prove campaign ROI resulting in more franchises adopting campaign initiatives.

What next?

Using data insights from email campaigns, Civic plan to create a loyalty program with dynamic content and offers based on customer buying patterns.

Civic are planning a competitions integration with TractionNext, to generate an even deeper relationship with customers and channel to build further on the engagement journey.

About Traction Digital

Traction Digital enables one-to-one consumer acquisition engagement by streamlining the execution of cross-channel campaigns, including lifecycle email and trade promotions. With strategic campaign management services and a highly integrated CRM platform leveraging existing marketing assets, Traction Digital makes data meaningful so brands stay relevant and engaging to their most important customers everywhere and on every device.

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