Advanced Technology
in a unified platform

With flexible email building options, SMS and WhatsApp capabilities, and a Contact Management system to enable a multi-channel approach to managing your relationships with your customers.

Flexible email building options

Whether you want to use drag & drop with customisable building blocks & templates, HTML code editing with live preview, WYSIWYG visual editing, or ZIP/content upload.


Automated A/B testing

A/B testing can help determine the message which achieves the most positive results, improving engagement and conversion rates. Optimise your email results by open or click through rate, utilising multiple subject line and from name/addresses.

Mobile preview

With mobile opens now accounting for over 50% of email opens, responsive design is a must. TractionNext allows you to easily preview how your email design & content will appear on mobile devices.


SMS Marketing

With mobile phone engagement on the rise, SMS is a great channel to get your message heard. TractionNext enables you to send out SMS messages quickly and easily.


60% of customers feel more confident messaging a business about their service queries. Use WhatsApp to reduce the load of your customer care while ensuring a better customer experience


Marketing Automation

Use customer interactions and anniversary triggered messages to spark real time and ongoing engagement. Start new conversations and conversions with the visual automation builder, to easily build, manage and edit automation workflows – with live thumbnail previews.

Contact management

Quick search primary fields. Advanced search mode allowing you to specify full search criteria. Manage contacts with Lists, Segments and Behavioural Measures.


Insightful reporting

In-depth delivery reports help you pinpoint success and failure factors, while benchmark and hotspot reports help you improve content to further engage. Prefer insights over data? We can tailor custom reports to your specific requirements.


Link tracking with Google Analytics and Litmus Testing can be turned on, without jumping into email HTML.

Lead Tracking

Want to know who your top performing customers are? Or see which ones are in danger of dropping out? Our Lead Scoring feature allows you to assign points to your customers based on their behavior and interaction with your brand. These points can then be collated into a score that can be used to segment your customers for reporting purposes, or to trigger campaigns such as reward programmes or churn management campaigns.


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