Driving In-Store Traffic with Mobile Wallet Technology

Over the past three months, the on-going disruption of COVID-19 transformed how we shop. Shoppers who would usually visit shopping centres moved online. According to Kelper Analytics, by the week starting May 11, foot traffic along Australian shopping strips plummeted 71.7 per cent compared to the same period last year.

As COVID-19 restrictions ease, retail outlets and venues are slowly returning. Customers want a smooth, contactless customer experience, and thankfully, mobile wallet technology can help create a seamless in-store retail experience.

Concise Communication

We pick up our phones nearly 60 times a day on average, spending around three hours and 15 minutes each day looking at our smartphone screen. To connect with potential customers, brands need to reach people via the device that’s by their side.

This doesn’t mean spending thousands of dollars developing a custom application. One of the best features about mobile wallet apps like Apple Wallet and Google Pay is the ability to send push notifications, and because these apps are default, customers don’t need to scroll through the app store to connect with your brand.

Push notifications via mobile wallet apps allow you to send messages straight to a customer’s smartphone lock screen. Your brand now lives on their phone, and you have a clear line of communication to relay valuable information to each customer as we transition out of lockdown.

Let’s Get Digital

Out of all the promotion types available to marketers, 59 per cent customers believe digital coupons hold the most swaying power. If you’re looking for an easy way to bring shoppers in-store, create a special promotion to drive foot traffic to your shop.

A common example of using coupons to entice people in-store is sending out an offer that shoppers can only claim at a certain physical location. You can also use customer data to create unique promo offers that shoppers won’t be able to refuse, like leveraging transactional data to discount items they’re likely to buy.

Because they hold the most swaying power with consumers, digital coupons are also an effective way to reach customers who haven’t shopped with your brand in a while. Sending a time-sensitive, in-store offer that’s based on a lapsed customer’s purchase history is an easy and cost-effective way of luring them back.

Geo-Targeting Customers

Nine out of ten marketers say location-based advertising and marketing has boosted their overall sales and driven customer engagement. As we move out of isolation and resume pre-COVID shopping habits, you can bring more people into your store with geo-based notifications.

Set up geo-boundaries in the area surrounding your store to send unique messages to a customer’s lock screen when they are close by. This can range from alerting shoppers of COVID-19 restrictions to follow when visiting your store, to reminders for unused vouchers or an attention-grabbing promo that can only be claimed in-store. You can even use geo-based notifications within areas of a venue, reminding customers of social distancing measures and rules to follow in-store.

Poorly timed geo-based alerts can be frustrating for customers, turning them off your brand, but a well-timed location-based notification can help you create a loyal following. One of our customers, CityTatts, offered shoppers a voucher for a discounted meal in return for completing a mobile customer feedback survey.

We helped CityTatts set up geo-boundaries, so previous customers would receive a push notification reminding them of the voucher when they were close to, or inside, the City Tattersalls Club. As a result of the approach, 77 per cent of customers downloaded their voucher pass after completing the survey, and CityTatts is looking at other potential avenues for mobile wallet engagement.

Over 70 per cent of Australian shoppers now use digital payment solutions like mobile wallets. As the way we pay evolves, businesses need to find new ways of effectively communicating with their audience. Thankfully, mobile wallet technology is proving to be a cost-effective and highly successful way of driving foot traffic to your brick-and-mortar stores.

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