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7 ways to boost your ecommerce with marketing automation

7 Ways to Boost Your eCommerce with Marketing Automation

Smart ecommerce operators are leveraging the benefits of marketing automation tools to use customer data for more personalised campaigns. Your ecommerce system takes care of all point of sale, inventory and fulfillment, integrating with marketing automation ensures you are using up to date customer information, subscription preferences and purchasing behaviour

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Why your ecommerce needs marketing automation

Why Your eCommerce Needs Marketing Automation

You’ve got the e-commerce store, everything is laid out nicely, the mechanics and customer experience is good, it feels like all the boxes are ticked. But you know it could be better. If only you could segment customers for targeted marketing, deal with those abandoned carts, make some product recommendations,

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What can Lead Scoring do to improve your sales funnel?

Inbound marketing can be great for generating new leads, but how do you separate the wheat from the chaff? Who are the hot prospects to nurture through your sales funnel, and who are just the tyre kickers at the earliest stages of a buyer journey? This is where an automated

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Hello TractionNext Marketing Automation

Whether you are transitioning from previous release Traction Platform, Traction Express or simply looking for a new email marketing automation platform. There are many great new features of the TractionNext platform that can help make day to day marketing life easier. TractionNext provides a more relevant and engaging brand experience

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Email Automation: The Lynch Pin of Pipeline Marketing

In an omni-channel landscape, we are faced with the perplexity of discovering the best ways to deliver, measure and report in the most consolidated way possible to stay focused on pipeline conversion and revenue. A pipeline marketing strategy is a broader view that encompasses the entire sales funnel, with a

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