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4 Last-Minute Promotion Strategies for Christmas Sales

Christmas represents the busiest time of the year for most retail and service industries around the globe. However, behind any impressive sales figures is an effective marketing strategy and a range of conversion-focused marketing collateral. Here are four last-minute promotion strategies your business should implement to boost your 2018 Christmas

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A Guide to Lead Scoring and Campaign Optimisation

A lead’s fit with your product or service isn’t always obvious from one or two metrics, and without understanding fit and interest, you can waste valuable time and resources on the wrong leads. Lead scoring lets you focus on only the best leads by giving you a better picture of

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16 Ways to Boost Your Email Open Rates

Email is one of the most cost-effective marketing channels, delivering returns as high as $41 in sales for each dollar spent. However, achieving those returns requires a solid email open rate, and if you’re making common mistakes in your email marketing, you could have fewer signups, less social media sharing, fewer

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7 Strategies to Create the Perfect Nurture Sequence

Lead nurturing is about strengthening relationships with leads who aren’t ready to buy, but could be a customer in the future. The right lead-nurturing strategy can help you educate leads on your products and services, build trust, and boost sales in the future. A short-sighted business might focus on only

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Everything To Know About Using Triggers In Email Campaigns

Trigger-based email campaigns are one of the best tools you can use for your email campaigns because they let you personalise your marketing message, onboard new leads, nurture leads, and optimise your conversion process. Triggers send emails to subscribers based on their online behaviour. For example, you can set up

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How to Segment your Database for Targeted Email Marketing

Email segmentation and personalisation are pivotal to creating a successful email marketing campaign. They’ve been shown to deliver six times higher transaction rates, but as little as 30% of brands make use of them. Segmentation is the data-driven alternative to email blast campaigns that allows you to send highly-targeted messaging

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10 Proven Ways to Grow Your Email Subscriber List

Email is a highly-effective method to build your customer base and maintain long-term relationships with loyal customers. This is because it gives you a direct, private channel to communicate with your subscribers, in contrast to crowded platforms like social media where it’s difficult to talk to individual customers. So how

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12 Reasons Why Your Automated Email Campaigns Are Failing

Automated email campaigns are an essential marketing channel, helping you grow sales and revenue. Done right, email marketing can massively boost per-consumer spend for your business and earn back as much as 30 times what you’re spending. Email automation streamlines the process by letting you scale up, segment your customer

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A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Email Automation

Despite the plethora of tools available to marketers, it can’t be denied that email marketing is one of the most powerful and effective ways to connect with your audience on a human level. Email marketing remains an extremely popular and effective tool, offering high ROI, high conversion rates, and an

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Dynamic content

How to Maximise Email with Dynamic Content

Want higher email open rates, transactions, and click-through rates? You gotta get personal. Really personal. Personalisation is King when it comes to email content. People expect you to know them well, and to tell them about the products and services that they’ll like – even if don’t yet know it

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