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15 tactics you need to grow your email list

Building an email list that converts means understanding and creating relationships with specific customers. How? Using content that connects with their wants, needs and desires. You’re probably already finding new customers with targeted ads that link to a landing page providing a magnetic offer. It’s free, they love it, you

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5 benefits of using inbound SMS

5 ways inbound SMS can benefit your business

When you create an outbound SMS marketing campaign, you hope to get into someone’s pocket and be opened and actioned. When a customer sends you an inbound SMS, the whole relationship is reversed. They’re not just contacting you and giving up personal details for something in return, they’re also engaging

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Case study: Refreshing customer loyalty through promotions

Traction Digital managed the mechanics for the “My Mug” promotion, with the inclusion of; automated code generation, custom draw mechanic, triggered emails and centralised management for all data. Challenges Reinvigorate customer loyalty Acquire new subscribers and customers A single centralised promotion platform Website integration Solution at a glance Traction Platform

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Your own step-by-step GDPR checklist

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a serious new law that governs how businesses collect, store and use data collected about individuals. With the compliance deadline fast approaching, Traction Digital has compiled a handy checklist of things to get you ready. Check our blog for more detailed GDPR information, or if you’re

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Are you ready for new GDPR laws?

If your business offers goods and services in the European Union, you will know that compliance with the incoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is serious. The GDPR is a new law that protects how businesses collect, store and use data collected on individuals. What is the penalty for failing

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How to get 125,000 competition entries for your sales funnel

The never-ending quest for new sales leads and list building means smart marketers need to know what acquisition tools are available. Online competitions are emerging as one of the most cost-effective tools in a marketers arsenal as technology platforms continue to improve with powerful and easy to use feature sets.

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4 ways to spruce up your special offers

Autumn marks the end of those glorious summer days where outdoor living and activities dominate the daily activities of everyone. It is a time of opportunity for marketers to begin a calendar of special offer campaigns as people start to transition into a new season with different priorities. Smart marketers

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4 email tips to boost sales after the holidays

“Gee the year went quick”…said everyone, every year. And with it, we’re past the silly season and full throttle into a new year as marketers are tasked to help fill a sales funnel at a time when the spending craze of December and January starts to fade. Post-holiday season marketing

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Our 2018 email marketing predictions

Each year brands give the world their searing insights by way of predictions. It’s a way to establish market authority so others think “That’s a really switched on company. Take my money.” Okay results can vary, but Predictions do reveal the character of an organisation – whether intended or not. In

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3 phase customer journey to lift sales

Mapping your customer purchase journey lets you make strategic campaign decisions about the timing and content of your marketing offers. Knowing where the customer fits in the buyer’s journey helps you serve relevant content. As you collect more data during the early stages, you begin to build a more accurate

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