Creative campaign pledge drives ongoing engagement – Go the Maroons!

by | Sep 2, 2016

Ovato Technology worked with Lion on the ‘XXXX State of Origin Interactive Pledge’ promotion providing technical scoping, campaign setup, mechanics and testing. The project included campaign management and reporting for three separate competition functions and prize draws.


• Promotions platform to send digital communications throughout the State of Origin Series
• Acquire new email subscribers for XXXX range
• Reward existing XXXX Club members with exclusive giveaways

Solution at a glance

• TractionNext
• Project requirements and technical scoping
• Set up three competition functions, mechanics, social media form integration, testing, campaign management and reporting
• Prize draw and announcement

Customer focus & promotional drivers

With a proud heritage starting from humble beginnings in 1878, XXXX is the much loved beer of many Australian’s. The iconic range consists of; XXXX Bitter, XXXX Pale Ale, XXXX Summer Bright lagers and Australia’s best selling beer XXXX GOLD.

As proud sponsors of Queensland (QLD) State of Origin team The Maroons, XXXX created a seasonal promotion to get the Queensland public behind the team and pledge their support.

Ovato Technology were able to provide XXXX with the digital platform and capabilities to manage the promotion, with a full end to end digital solution that included technical scoping through to prize draw announcement.

XXXX and The Maroons sent the promotion by email to members and on social media to non-members, to drive awareness and encourage social sharing, generating brand exposure, increasing subscribers to XXXX Club and rewarding existing members.

The completed pledge also gave participants access to exclusive QLD Maroons content and XXXX special offers, rewarding fans for their loyalty.

Engagement through staggered prize draws

Three competitions with staggered prize draws throughout the game season created continued engagement and provided participants with a greater opportunity to win.

Game 1 Prize: Win a Canterbury Winners Pack

Game 2 Prize: Win Tickets to Game 3

Game 3 Prize: Win a Signed Jersey

“Ovato Technology managed the complexities of a 3-part prize draw, providing our customers with a seamless interaction” says Kristy Bloomfield, Brand Manager XXXX. “The ‘XXXX State of Origin Interactive Pledge’ was a great success with members and non-members highly engaged and repeatedly visiting the site to pledge, and enter prize draws.”

Results driven marketing

More subscribers. Staggered promotional rewards. Increased Engagement. Emotional brand connection.

The competition received 17,400 entries, with a 2% uplift in new subscribers. Multiple opportunities to win meant more people signing up and a staggered prize draws prolonged engagement throughout the State of Origin season. The pledge aspect of the promotion created an emotional brand connection that lasted well after the competition finished.

By working collaboratively with NRL club the Maroons, XXXX were able to leverage the passion and loyalty of fans to the game to impact on brand exposure, with the animated pledge counter encouraging more entries.

What next?

From the successful engagement of the campaign, Lion plan to run more NRL promotions using the data collected to segment and target consumers based on club preferences.