Booking luxury at award-winning Meritus Hotels & Resorts

Traction Digital helps hotel chain manage complex email campaigns using Adobe Campaign.


• Reach global customers through email campaigns
• Integrate campaign and booking systems to create a single location for customer information
• Manage campaigns in-house with small marketing teams

Solution at a glance

• Adobe Marketing Cloud, including the Adobe Campaign solution. Capabilities used include:
• Campaign management

“Partnering with Traction Digital- a provider that can take care of Adobe Campaign from implementation to agency support—meant a simplified, efficient process that was delivered on time and on budget.”

Ilias Chelidonis, E-Commerce Manager, Meritus Hotels & Resorts

Reaching global visitors

Renowned for providing world-class Asian hospitality, Meritus Hotels & Resorts is an iconic hotel management company that founded its roots from its flagship hotel, Mandarin Orchard Singapore, in the 1960s. The award-winning hospitality brand’s current portfolio includes three hotels located in gateway cities and idyllic destinations in Singapore and Malaysia, and will soon extend its footprint to more destinations around the globe.

With customers coming from across Asia and even the world, Meritus wanted to expand its reach through email marketing campaigns in multiple countries and multiple languages. Although the company was determined to handle marketing in house for greater agility, the scope of the planned campaigns was beyond anything that Meritus had done before. What Meritus needed was a partner that could not only provide complex systems integration and implementation but also support marketers. Meritus turned to Traction Digital, an Adobe Campaign Specialized Partner.

Traction Digital specializes in one-to-one marketing campaigns that engage consumers. The firm coordinated all aspects of the implementation and optimized the platform to operate so efficiently that the Meritus marketing team could manage all campaigns independently. Key to Traction Digital’s success is its partnership with Adobe to leverage the Adobe Campaign solution within Adobe Marketing Cloud.

“Adobe Campaign combines a simple interface with a high level of automation that allows Meritus’ marketing team to handle campaigns internally, while taking advantage of enterprise-grade functionality,” says Benoit Droulez, Chief Executive Officer at Traction Digital. “Using our expertise with Campaign, we delivered the solution that Meritus needed.”

Delivering high-performing campaigns

Working with Traction Digital, Meritus integrated Adobe Campaign with its Opera booking system to create a single, central location to manage all customer data. Working with data in one location allows Meritus to build a more complete view of each customer’s interactions with Meritus properties, such as noting preferences of customers who have stayed at more than one property.

At the same time, segmentation rules allow marketers to use a single interface to easily view data for each individual hotel and create, send, and manage email campaigns that drive greater bookings. Using the responsive html templates designed by Traction Digital, marketers can reach customers with messages that are viewable across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices- an essential detail with growing mobile usage in Asia.

“Since starting to work with Adobe Campaign, Meritus marketers have successfully sent almost 360,000 emails over 131 campaigns,” says Droulez. “As a result of the campaigns, Meritus achieved bookings worth more than 90,000 Singapore dollars at one hotel alone.”

Ongoing training and support

Meritus plans to expand the number of Adobe Campaign users to have a small marketing team based at each hotel to provide faster market response and more accurate information about each hotel’s features and deals. As qualified experts, the Adobe Campaign specialist team at Traction Digital continues to provide ongoing training and support. Since data and campaigns can be completely managed through Adobe Campaign, marketers required less training before they can work on their own.

“Partnering with Traction Digital- a single provider that can take care of Adobe Campaign from implementation to agency support- meant a simplified, efficient process that was delivered on time and on budget,” says Ilias Chelidonis, E-Commerce Manager, Meritus Hotels & Resorts. “Traction Digital’s ongoing support and training has allowed us to offer an exceptional customer experience to a standard not previously possible.”

Traction Digital and Adobe

Traction Digital is an Adobe Campaign Specialized Partner that enables one-to-one consumer acquisition and engagement by streamlining the execution of cross-channel campaigns, including lifecycle email and trade promotions. With strategic campaign management services and a highly integrated CRM platform leveraging existing marketing assets, Traction Digital makes data meaningful so brands stay relevant and engaging to their most important customers everywhere and on every device.

As an Adobe Campaign Specialized Partner, Traction Digital has been validated by Adobe to have the certified personnel and customer references required to deliver world-class implementations and the highest return on investment for Adobe Marketing Cloud customers.

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