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    How Automated Marketing Can Help Your Small Businesses

    No matter your size, consistent communication is essential for your customers. Competition is everywhere and if you don’t respond to your customers in a timely way, they will find someone who will. Automation is helping businesses make the most of their marketing channels without the need for an expensive support

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    Why our current contact tracing methods need to evolve

    Last weekend, I went shopping for the first time in months. As I went from shop to shop, I of course had to provide my personal details upon entering each store. What I noticed is that there’s no clear-cut guidance for local businesses on collecting customer info. How would my

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    Driving In-Store Traffic with Mobile Wallet Technology

    Over the past three months, the on-going disruption of COVID-19 transformed how we shop. Shoppers who would usually visit shopping centres moved online. According to Kelper Analytics, by the week starting May 11, foot traffic along Australian shopping strips plummeted 71.7 per cent compared to the same period last year.

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    Dark Mode Implementation in Emails

    Dark Mode Implementation in Emails

    What is Dark Mode? If you use Gmail, Outlook or Apple’s Mail systems, you would have noticed the feature Dark Mode. When enabled, Dark Mode changes the appearance from a light to dark and text from dark to light. There are three main benefits of Dark Mode: It is easier

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    Why Mobile Wallets Are a Perfect Fit For Your Loyalty Program

    Using Mobile Wallets In Your Loyalty Program

    As a marketer, you’re probably well versed on the benefits of a loyalty program for your brand. Research shows that consumers are 85 per cent more likely to shop with a brand that recognises long-term loyalty than brands without a rewards system. But when was the last time you actually

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    4 Ways to Use Mobile Wallets for Better Marketing Promotions

    4 Ways to Use Mobile Wallets for Better Marketing Promotions

    Since the introduction of Apple Pay and Android Pay in the 2010s, mobile wallet technology has spread like wildfire with consumers everywhere. Thanks to their ubiquity and convenience, mobile wallets have seen a steady adoption rate, with their transaction value estimated to reach $14 trillion in just two years’ time.

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    How Vue Entertainment transformed their digital strategy with TractionNext

    Vue Entertainment (Vue) is a premium cinema chain who host both blockbusters and event cinema screenings such as Shakespeare/opera. They’re one of the biggest Cinema groups in Europe with over 85 cinemas in the UK and Ireland and 800 plus screens.

    The client was looking to re-invent their digital image and strategy by working with us to build new email designs, integrate existing data capture elements and build new promotions/competitions.

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