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Nick’s Waterfront Dining is a Sydney Dining institution which opened its doors in 1998. Nick’s is now represented by seven vibrant waterfront restaurants in Sydney focusing on the philosophy of simplicity and quality of product. With seven restaurants, Nick’s Waterfront Dining was struggling to have a single view of its diners in one central location which was making it extremely difficult to provide streamlined communications from booking confirmation through to post dining surveys.


  • To have a central system for all communications at all seven of their restaurants
  • An automated communication process from confirmation of booking email to post dining survey process
  • Ability to have a single customer view across all restaurants


1. API Integration

TractionNext integrated with Nick’s seafood’s reservation system, Reserve IT – which is a desktop application that runs separately in each of the seven restaurant locations. An API connection passes the data across to the TractionNext platform which sends out the confirmation email.

2. Customer’s Journey
The individual then making the booking is taken on customer journey – during this journey they will receive five different types of communications:

  • Confirmation Email after customer has made a reservation
  • Confirmation Email after customer has updated a reservation
  • Notification Email after customer has failed to show
  • Feedback Email after customer has dined
  • Email Marketing Campaign to whole database

At any moment in time Nick’s Seafood can search for an individual email address and see all the emails they have received along with a history of all the restaurants that they have visited.

How it works:

1. A staff member inputs data to Reserve IT. For example, booking, change, cancellation. The data also includes an email address (A), and restaurant location (B) etc

2. Reserve IT posts data to a Traction form. POSTing via HTTP, the end-points leverages the data collection form functionality
within the Traction product to enable client specific APIs to be supported;
POSTing data into Traction’s platform via the HTTP end-point is a 2-stage process.

  • Stage #1: execute a HTTP GET to obtain the __VIEWSTATE from the HTTP end-point
  • Stage #2: execute a HTTP POST with the form data, including the __VIEWSTATE, to the HTTP end-point

3. The mechanic associated with the form, such as a sending notification will then trigger creation of a confirmation Email
using the correct template for the transaction type and restaurant.

4. Data is then taken from the database to populate personalisation of the confirmation email.

5. Email is then sent to recipient email address (A) with all relevant information posted by Reserve IT. For example, Thank you for your booking at restaurant “B”


Traction Digital’s solution of a trigger based and transactional email process has led to Nick’s Seafood to acquire 22,000 new recipients to their database over a period of two years – without any hassle, as once the integration was set up, the system process took care of the rest.

The feedback forms have also allowed restaurant managers to have a better understanding of their clientele, as Diner’s comments and feedback was automatically posted to the restaurant manager for continuous improvement.

"Outstanding commitment to client projects and attention to detail – with reliable service and support from the entire team at Traction Digital."

Alice Leitch, Marketing Manager

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