Australia’s Largest Liquor Promo Lifts Category Sales by 5%

by | Jun 6, 2016

Customer acquisition partnership

As customer acquisition experts, Ovato Technology collaborated with Lion to re-engage existing customers and reach a new audience. Ovato Technology’s main focus was to develop efficient and effective digital solutions to deliver the best consumer journey and meet key metrics for Lion’s XXXX GOLD brand.


• Win back lapsed drinkers
• Reach shoppers before the store to influence behaviour
• Change brand perception
• Increase category sales
• Maintain the position of Australia’s number one beer

Solution at a glance

• TractionNext
• Campaign mechanics and promotion management

The XXXX GOLD brand story

With a proud heritage starting from humble beginnings in 1878, XXXX was the much loved beer of many Australian’s. After the 1950’s the brewery saw increased growth with the introduction of new brands to the range. In early 1991 XXXX introduced XXXX GOLD, a mid strength beer that went on to become the best selling beer in Australia. With continued innovations in brewing XXXX has always stood firmly as the iconic beer of the people.

Today XXXX GOLD is still the largest beer brand in the Australian marketplace, accounting for 9.7% of total beer value and 12.2% volume share.

Evolving in a competitive market place

With the globalisation of the consumer market there are many new brands flooding the market and competition is fierce.  If we look at the beer market in 1980, #1 position meant 50% market share, in today’s market you might be #1 but due to the huge variety of beverages on the scene this only equates to 12% market share.

Consumers are increasingly exposed to discounts and promotional offers on a daily basis. Promotions are no longer a yearly, seasonal or special occasion activity they occur year round and consumers expect to always get the best deal or give away.

With this in mind XXXX GOLD’s key focus for the promotion was to win back lapsed customers and grow category sales to maintain their position as market leaders.

Coming together: a collaborative pathway to success

Lion collaborated with internal teams and externally with suppliers to develop a carefully planned digital strategy with clustered promotions across internal brands and borrowed interest from partner products, to align with the BBQ and summer theme. The creative idea was to own the occasion of the Australian summer.

The creative idea was tied into several other promotions throughout the year to further associate the brand with summer, leveraging borrowed interest by offering prizes of BBQ’s and other ‘Summer related products’ like hats, fishing, BBQ cookbooks etc.

“Traction were instrumental in developing efficient and effective solutions to deliver the best digital consumer journey.”

Richard Knight – XXXX Marketing, Lion

Influencing buyer behaviour

Lion wanted to shift brand perception towards being the right choice for modern Australian lifestyle occasions. With importance placed on reaching shoppers before the store in order to better influence behaviour and adjust attitudes and buying habits.

The XXXX GOLD & Barbeques galore promotion was Australia’s largest liquor promo, with a total prize pool of $25mil, XXXX GOLD delivered on their objective to return value to customers.

Consumers collect $10 from every specially marked case of XXXX GOLD to spend at Barbeques Galore, then conveniently enter and redeem online through the digital campaign portal. Customers keep collecting up to $250 per person or until they are ready to redeem.

Digital Amplification to customers & consumers

Ovato Technology worked with Lion to manage and deliver an email amplification program consisting of triggered emails to drive awareness, dynamic newsletter communications with reminders, alerts and points balance updates appearing in dynamic banners.  The email workflow was designed in a way to engage consumers and guide them through the promotional journey.

By using the best innovations in technology and the development of an online promotions portal, delivering a repetition of message, Lion were able to amplify promotions across customers and consumers and to ultimately own the Australian Summer.

“As marketers we need to amplify promotions to achieve the greatest brand exposure to customers.” advises Managing Director, Adam Quirk “It’s not only about having the leading marking technology but also knowing your audience and applying the right mechanics to deliver a digital experience to engage with customers.”

Results that speak for themselves

XXXX GOLD maintained its position as market leader and saw a 5% increase in category sales over the busy summer period in comparison to the same period the previous year. XXXX GOLD contributed to the beer category with the market growing at 3.5% in quarter.

“The campaign delivered fantastic business results.”

Brand team, Lion

“Our partnership with Lion and Ovato Technology on the XXXX GOLD campaign produced a noticeable increase in foot traffic to our stores and was well received by our customers. Additionally the collaboration was a valuable contribution to the direction of our overall digital development.”

Peter Herbert, Commercial Sales Manager, Barbeques Galore

XXXX GOLD owned the Australian Summer, with the campaign was well received by customers, with social media feedback substantiating this sentiment, along with the average cash out value of $180.

The benefits of consumer data collected from across channels provides a holistic insight into customer interaction. Enriched data can then be used to develop future activities with predictive analytics to determine future buying patterns. The true value of data is using it to know your customer and continue to know your customer.

What next?

Due the success of the XXXX GOLD & Barbeques Galore summer campaign, the brand are already working on the next major promotion. Building on the data and key learnings from the previous campaign means Lion can execute a more streamlined process across brands and in turn offer the very best customer experience.