7 ways to boost your ecommerce with marketing automation

7 Ways to Boost Your eCommerce with Marketing Automation

Smart ecommerce operators are leveraging the benefits of marketing automation tools to use customer data for more personalised campaigns.

Your ecommerce system takes care of all point of sale, inventory and fulfillment, integrating with marketing automation ensures you are using up to date customer information, subscription preferences and purchasing behaviour to shape your communication plan.

Neto is excited to offer our customers seamless integration with TractionNext to help maximise the data gained from customers for use in planning new campaigns.

TractionNext enables you to quickly and easily connect with customers via email and SMS.

Here’s our top seven ways you can maximise the results of your ecommerce campaigns by using the TractionNext marketing automation platform:

1. Segment Communications Across Multiple Channels

Personalise your emails and SMS to reflect your customer’s preferences and purchase behaviour, improving the relevancy of your communication

2. Real-time Integration

Ensure your data is synchronised and up to date enabling you to communicate across email, SMS and online with relevant customer data.

3. Automation

Automate the selling process with a welcome email series, product recommendations and abandon cart email triggers to remind customers of products remaining in their carts.

4. Single Customer View

Get a big-picture view of each customer’s interactions and attributes. Every email, SMS, social campaign, competition or promotion and more can help enrich what you know, and power more engaging content.

5. Forms, Surveys & Polls

Ensure you are capturing your customer information and streamline sign-ups with Facebook connect. Drag & drop builders make it so easy to create, then simply drop the HTML where your forms need to be. Pre-filling customer data is easy as form builders are fully integrated into the platform

6. Competitions & Promotions

Acquire, engage, reward and retain customers using promotions and competitions. They are proven marketing tool which results in a rich source of data, increased engagement, more subscribers and higher sales.

7. Mobile Wallet

TractionNext provides the ability to link loyalty cards, coupons, event tickets and gift vouchers to your customer’s mobile wallet. Ensuring you are at their fingertips and in their pocket. The mobile wallet integration is available for Apple Wallet and Android Pay.

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