5 Tactics Smart Digital Marketers will be looking at in 2019

by | Jan 25, 2019

Digital marketing has steadily grown to become the dominant way in which companies engage with their audience and customer base. 2019 will be no different, and there are a couple of areas that you can expect to become the dominant focus in digital marketing campaigns in the year ahead.

1. Marketing automation

It’s not enough to approach digital marketing from a single platform. You might have an email mailing list, but you’re not going to get the most out of it compared to those that have sophisticated marketing automation solutions that let them leverage across email, SMS, social media and other online platforms.

That’s where marketing automation comes in. Marketing automation helps brands consolidate their lead generation, customer lifecycle marketing, retention and customer data into the one location, and then reach their customers through the right platform, at the right time. Marketing automation allows you to reach your customers in a disciplined and cohesive fashion, and better identify where the real opportunities lie.

Through marketing automation you can expect a better pipeline, more productive sales reps, and consequently better revenue. While marketing automation doesn’t mean “set and forget”, leveraging it with the right strategy behind it will underpin all of your digital marketing activities in the new year.

2. Sophisticated email marketing workflows

Once you’ve got your marketing automation platform set up, the first benefit that you’ll immediately see is in setting up email marketing workflows.

In simple terms, a workflow is “triggered” when a user does something on your website. A common example is they sign up for your email mailing list. When they submit a form with their contact details on your site, the workflow “triggers” and immediately sends them a welcome email, telling them what they can look forward to now that they’re all signed up.

A more advanced version might be that a user inputs their email into your system in order to access an eBook on a topic. The workflow is “triggered” and the user is later sent an email that has details about products, services, and additional information that you offer that’s related to the content of that eBook.

Marketing workflows such as these are particularly powerful & compelling because they’re focused on the specific reason that a user is interacting with your brand in the first place.

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3. Personalisation

For many going into 2019, personalisation doesn’t mean much more than making sure the customer’s name is on the email that’s sent to them. It’s as simple as that, and it’s not particularly compelling.

Real personalisation will be a key theme of 2019, and it will go much, much further than a name on the email. Effective personalisation will be dynamic and in real time, and will take into account the consumer’s preferences and likes, as well. If a consumer likes buying books, but not Blu-Rays, from a store, the personalised email will focus on, not only new release books, but books related to the preferred genre that the consumer likes (fantasy rather than romance, for example).

Personalisation requires a lot of data – you need to understand how a consumer interacts with your website and page, what information they’re interested in, the time of day that they interact with you, and so on. Luckily, thanks to the marketing automation platform, you have the capacity to collect that exact data.

4. WhatsApp

WhatsApp has been around for a few years now, but 2019 will see it really accelerate as a key opportunity for businesses

WhatsApp is a powerful communications platform that brands can use to give consumers the ability to interact with the brand, without giving them a personal phone number to communicate with you.

Additionally, through a new WhatsApp for business service, it’s possible advertise directly to a WhatsApp number. In other words, a customer sees your ad, and by clicking on it, is taken directly to a WhatsApp conversation chain to have a further conversation with you.

Combined with the ability to set up automated responses to common questions, the WhatsApp platform is becoming a powerful way for brands to streamline their interactions with customers, while still offering a personalised touch.

5. Facebook messenger marketing

Facebook continues to be a powerhouse for marketers, and in 2019, the Facebook messenger platform will continue to grow in importance as a touchpoint for your consumers.

One of the really neat tools within a good marketing automation platform is the way it can be used to set up Facebook messenger chatbots. Connect the platform to your Facebook business page, input the most common questions, and then, when a visitor asks them, they’ll get an immediate answer.

What’s more, you can then use this interaction as an opportunity to collect further data on your customers, set them up on your email mailing list, and so on. You’ll still be able to manually answer the more complex or unique enquiries, but automating responses for common questions is the best way to help a marketer save a chunk of time in their day.

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