15 tactics you need to grow your email list

Strategic campaign management is about aligning every marketing effort and channel — from newsletters and SMS to competitions and surveys — to your overall plan for delivering the intended message to your target audience. Whether your business is large or small, automating these disparate elements could save you time whilst allowing you to scale up campaigns quickly, meet your customers where they are, and maintain a single view of the customer. Here are 13 of the top features that could drive stronger strategic campaign management outcomes.

1. Flexible email building options

Your email channel might be at the core of your campaigns, helping you touch base with subscribers regularly by providing useful updates, tips, and insights. With the TractionNext platform’s flexible email building options, anyone in your team can prepare emails thanks to the user-friendly interface with drag and drop functionality.

Our email building tools incorporate customisable building blocks and templates along with ZIP/content upload to help you generate high-impact, professional emails efficiently. With HTML code editing and WYSIWYG visual editing, expert users and beginners alike can create highly customised emails. Our live preview means you can see how the email will look as you draft it in real time. And if you get stuck at any point, help is just a click away with support and online tutorials.

2. Visual automation builder

With TractionNext’s visual automation builder, you won’t need to guess what you’re producing in real time. This feature allows your team members – pros and beginners – to easily generate mobile-ready emails with custom blocks in drag and drop. You can then preview the email in real time and edit it to adjust for the type of device you’re targeting. Our visual automation builder feature not only simplifies the email-creation process, it enhances your team’s ability to design visually-impactful emails, as you can see how it looks on the device in real time.

3. Trade and consumer promotions

TractionNext is the only marketing automation software on the market that offers a trade and consumer promotions tool. This stand-alone moduleis a self-service competition tool allowing your team to handle house and customer service interfaces to accelerate and optimise the execution of consumer promotions. Manage high volumes quickly with the ability to capture and manage rich customer data and enhance customer engagement to potentially boost subscribers and generate higher sales. Since it’s on the same platform as your email, you can better coordinate your campaigns and leverage customer insights with a single view across all channels for personalisation.

4. Connect across multiple channels

TractionNext comes with multi-channel capabilities to supercharge your multichannel strategies. Streamline your campaign processes and enhance email campaigns with the online integration features. For example, you can make use of SMS communications to support email promotions and competitions, whether it’s by sending instant event reminders, confirmations, or other timely messages. By leveraging TractionNext’s multi-channel capabilities, you can interact and engage with customers in multiple ways to enhance email as well as other channels, so you and your team are meeting customers where they are.

5. Detailed reporting

TractionNext offers the latest in detailed reporting features, enabling you and your team to track, reassess and adjust campaigns as required. Use the detailed reporting tools to pinpoint critical success and failure factors, and enhance your content-adjustment insights with the benchmark and hotspot report tools.

Request custom reports to match your specific requirements or choose from hundreds of templated reports to zoom into the most relevant insights. For example, popular reports include performance by campaign, which provides a summary of all campaign activity during the specific time frame, and the ‘list growth’ report, which allows you to see growth figures for all your lists at a glance. The top performing campaigns report gives you a ranked list of the best-performing emails in your campaign based on open and click rates.

6. Trigger conversations

TractionNext incorporates automated conversation-triggering capabilities, empowering you and your team to leverage customer behaviour insights and anniversary-triggered messages to spark conversations. Target and personalise according to relevant dates like birthdays and set behavioural triggers to connect with customers with personalised messages to trigger ongoing conversations. The automated capabilities means you effortless communicate with your clients based on their interactions and behaviour as well as channel.

7. Automated A/B testing

TractionNext’s platform gives you the benefits of automated A/B testing, so you can quickly optimise your email campaigns. Test by open or click-through rate, subject line, pre-header, and other fields. Automating your A/B testing with TractionNext could enable you to quickly adjust campaigns to achieve greater engagement and maximum conversion rates.

8. Registration forms, surveys, and polls

Build your list and gear up your engagement with TractionNext’s tool for registration forms, surveys, and polls. This tool can be used by beginners or pros as the drag and drop builders allow you to create and edit forms easily. Streamline list sign-ups with Facebook connect. The whole-platform integration allows you to quickly pre-fill customer data, as the form builders are completely integrated with the platform.

With the ability to generate forms, surveys, and polls promptly, you can close the feedback loop, engage with customers, and improve your service all in the one platform while creating a consistent experience across all channels.

9. Tracking and deliverability

With TractionNext’s inbuilt option to turn on link tracking through Google Analytics and Litmus Testing, you can easily conduct spam testing and deliverability without jumping into email HTML. Our platform incorporates deliverability tracking and a dedicated IP for your account to maximise the rates at which your emails arrive in your customers’ inboxes. With these tools, you can enjoy seamless tracking and the peace of mind your deliverability rate is as high as possible.

10. Advanced dynamic content

Advanced dynamic content is an easy way to automatically personalise email messages and tailor content based on recipients. TractionNext’s platform lets you boost impact and engagement by incorporating advanced dynamic content into your emails. Create highly-targeted content based on customer preferences, behaviour, and/or attributes. Use in-code formulas to enhance the look and feel of your emails and to deliver valuable and relevant content to targeted readers. The advanced dynamic content feature lets you watch your previews update live as you browse through different emails for each recipient.

11. Security

TractionNext’s platform offers the highest level of security with full disaster recovery environments. Customise account access with multiple-user accounts and set your required level of permission for each user.

12. Lead scoring

Lead scoring is one of the best ways to focus valuable marketing resources on your most valuable or relevant prospects and in turn optimise your campaigns. With TractionNext’s state-of-the-art platform, you can score prospects and customers based on interactions, behaviour, and other criteria. Track and monitor your most engaged customers and set campaigns to trigger based on their current or historical value.

Instead of relying on only one or two metrics– which might only yield a shallow understanding of your customer – take a detailed, systematic approach with lead scoring to figure out which customers are ready to purchase. Incorporate demographic data, spend category, behaviour, and other data pointsfor an in-depth understanding of prospects. You can also use the lead scoring tool to identify the best leads for lead-nurturing campaignsand to test your assumptions about your market.

13. Integrations

Integration across different platforms could save you and your team on time, resources, and costs. TractionNext’s platform offers a range of integrations to streamline your marketing automation campaigns.

  • PieSync – PieSync brings apps together to enable data syncing across apps so you can work with the same data across different apps. Boost accuracy and save time by having customer and prospect information automatically updated in the background. You can sync your contacts in both directions in real time, with automated updates back and forth between TractionNext and the other app, saving you from having to manually re-enter data.
  • Zapier – Automate your integration tasks with Zapier integrations and save on having to carry out custom development with lengthy deployment times. Zapier works with hundreds of web pages, enabling you to import, export, and migrate marketing data between platforms for ease of centralised data management.
  • Facebook – Easily expand your email campaigns across your Facebook community with TractionNext’s Facebook integration. Post versions of your email campaigns directly onto your Facebook wall. Access Facebook Connect features and the user’s Facebook data directly through the integration.
  • Salesforce – Integrate Salesforce with TractionNext and simplify the capturing of contacts and new signups. You can easily export new contact data and other data to Salesforce to allow the sharing of vital marketing and campaign activity data across your organisation.
  • Shopify – Gain better insights into how your marketing is impacting sales with a Shopify integration. Synchronise marketing and ecommerce with TractionNext’s real-time communication and data integration with Shopify. Easily track all ecommerce and purchase metrics to create highly targeted and personalised campaigns in the TractionNext platform. Automate vital follow-ups and notifications by setting triggers like abandon cart and back in stock.
  • Neto – Integrate your ecommerce, point of sale, inventory, and fulfilment functions with TractitionNext to drive better campaign outcomes. For example, you can automatically import Neto contacts into TractionNext and set up product recommendations and other promotional emails through segmented, automated campaigns. The real-time integration means you’ll be able to view updated customer information and buyer behaviour in the TractionNext platform.

If you’re looking for a platform that incorporates all aspects of marketing automation and seamlessly integrates with your CRM, ecommerce, and other solutions, TractionNext could be the right product for your business. The TractionNext platform is designed for people of all abilities and comes with training, support, and online tutorials. By implementing TractionNext for your marketing campaigns, you’ll have a powerful tool that allows you to automate your marketing communications beyond email, whether it’s SMS, surveys, forms, competitions, or more. You’ll be able to bring these disparate channels together to create synchronised, coordinated campaigns based on a single view of each customer. Encompassing promotions and A/B testing as well as lead scoring, detailed reporting, and integrations, TractionNext’s all-in-one tool could empower your business to supercharge your marketing automation campaigns.

TractionNext is the next generation digital marketing tool, combining your enterprise email marketing, campaigns, contacts and communications into one easy-to-use platform. If you’d like to find out more about how TractionNext can help drive your marketing automation forward, we invite you to book a demo with us today.

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